Micro Quadcopter frame for 65mm props

by Bishop_Vick Jan 16, 2019
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65Mm or 76mm or 85mm 26 hole distance 1103 four-hole motor ? It's a great design. It's just missing a few.

Hey, is the 26x26 frame with 3 motor mount screws compatible with the AMAX 1103 motors or is it for smaller motors?

Good point! The current three hole design is for 08xx, I'll get an update out soon!

*Edit, just added!

Quick question: Shouldn't the 65mm 16x16 frame have the FC mountingholes rotated 45 degrees (as in one hole at each end of the arm)?

Hi! The frame is structurally stronger with the holes like this at 45 degrees, but you do need to change your board orientation by 45 degrees in yaw in betaflight too. :)

Totally awesome print! I will be assembling mine as soon as I get my crazybee F4. Only advice I have to offer is that the center hole on motor mount needs to be bigger to make room for c-clip on the bottom of motors. I used a drill and some needle files to clean mine up. Thanks again I'm looking forward to flying your frame!

Thanks Danny! I'd love to see a picture of your build! Thanks for the feedback too, i'll make the change to the hole soon!

The design is really cool, I have used it as inspiration to design a stretched X frame, which can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3396111

Micro FPV Quad Frame Brushless 1103 for 2.5" or 65mm props

Your build looks great! I love your design remix too!

What software did you use to design the frame?

Good ol Fusion 360 :)

Would it be possible to get the Fusion 360 files, I might try to do some experimentation with adding CF spars in the frame somehow.

Cool, I sort of redesigned in Solidworks and designed a stretched X version, printing it now. Have you actually tried building and flying with this frame?

Nice work ! Is it possible for you to add a version for motors with 3 screw and 9mm mounting patern ? Thank you !

Thanks! Its already available :) (the versions not marked with 1103)

like a Robomanic say i will add myself a support between motors , but frame itself its very nice design idea !

I really like it !! and i will recommend that frame !!

Thanks for liking and recommending my design! I have updated the Whoop versions with a center cross brace :)

for your info, to make this frame rigid, you need to make a brace that goes from motor to motor. Because those fancy brace you did under the arms are no doing nothing since the entire frame bends at the middle of the frame. If you connect motor to motor then that helps a lot!!

Hi, thanks for your feedback. The frame actually gains alot of rigidity from the actual electronics stack but i think the effect will be less with the whoop 26x26 version so i probably will add an X brace across the center hole to minimize the flex.

yes very true, but in my case I use the 26x26. That's how they do in laptop, I saw a YT video of how they design the microsoft surface and the main motherboard was the critical part to make the entire super thin chassis fell rigid. thanks

Hi! I have updated the whoop version with a cross brace, it really does make a good difference! :)

Cool! But could we request one for 1103 motors? With 4 motor screws.

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Would this work for a mobula 7 flight controller?

Yes the 26x26 version is for you :)