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Western Legends: Buildings and Mesas

by TheBlueJackal Jan 19, 2019
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The mountains aren't flat on the bottom, making it hard to print without support or slicing off to level it.

Thanks Dioskilos - Yes, am using Cura and what you say worked, the word SHERIFF now comes out as it should. Never knew about the Layer view (been printing 3D for 3 days!!!) so thanks for the tip.

Firstly: These are GREAT - and THANK YOU for making available!!

I'm part way through printing and most building are coming out well, but for some reason the SHERIFF building is causing issues - I just can't seem to get the letters on the front of the building to come out fully - just get kind of stubs of some of them. Is this a slicer / printer issue or anyone else getting similar? Thanks

Are you using Cura? Scale the X up by about 123%. (Leave the Y and Z alone). If you switch to Layer View then you will see exactly what will print before you send it to the printer.

Hi, nice work thanks for the models!!
I was about to print the Mesas but for some reason they only touch the buildplate in a very small area so there needs to be quite a bit of support. Is there a specific reason for this or is my slicer just acting up?

How do you print the Bandit Camp Square version? My slicer shows it missing parts of the tent and fire, and it ends up printing this way also. See picture. Is there some special slicer setting I should set? On the other hand. the circle one prints fine.

Ha, yeah, mine came out exactly like that too. I used the tip you gave me above about scaling the X-Axis and it in Layer view like scaling to 145% fixes it but have not printed it yet. Will give it a go over the weekend if I get a chance. Also think I had to scale in X & Y...

These are great! I'm about halfway through printing them, will post make photos soon. Only issue I've hit is with the saloon, it's slightly tilted and off 'ground level'. Added a 1mm base in Tinkercad to make up for it. Thanks for the great designs!

Thanks, I'll check that out and fix it.