24mm 1/4" Socket for Rockshox

by jhonasbarchechen Mar 8, 2019
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Was super excited to see someone had thought of this just days before I went looking! Sadly, I couldn't get one to be strong enough to resist splitting under the 12.4 n-m torque spec. Tried the orientation you suggested, and then socket side down. Both broke within the 1/4" drive area since all the torque gets focused there.

I just printed a 24mm to 24mm socket (male to female) to try out. I know it doesnt help with adapting to the 1/4" drive (i have other adapters for that) but it will prevent rounding off the top air cap with a standard socket that has blended edges.

Sorry, that didn't work for you,may i ask how many walls and bot/top layers you used?

Actually i didnt push it to the torque you had, since i made this tool to use with my rockshox XC32 and the torque settings for this fork is 7.3Nm i never crossed to much over that. Now we now that this tool problably not work if you need more than that,i will put this info in description.

And yeah,i made this exactly because a standard socket have blended edges and in my case slip all the time and i cant use to aply torque on my fork.

I tried a couple, 4 walls and about 15 top layers (to try and reinforce the top around the 1/4" drive), 50% cubic infill. Also for reference, i was using Inland PLA+ printed at 215°C. ABS may be a better option if someone has the material available.

Other than that though, great model with a perfect fit! It inspired me to hop into Fusion360 and try the 24mm male-to-female adapter.

You had used more layers than me,i added a observation on description alerting others that if you need more torque than i tried this tool probably will not work.
Thanks for the feedback.

Yay, I don't have to buy one of these! Thank you!