Ball Bearing

by edlsmith Jan 17, 2019
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Your idea to make this like a real bearing with a ball cage was a great idea and really improves how long the bearing spins. You inspired me to design my own using Fusion 360 for a very large fidget spinner (280mm outer race bearing). I want to thank you for showing that the ball cage can work for plastic bearings.


Giant 1m Fidget Spinner with Bearing (no glue or screws 100% PLA)

Thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed your Giant Fidget

Any chance on creating something scaled bigger? I am looking for something with an OD of 90mm bearing (Actual dimension of 89.80mm in CAD taking into consideration tolerances) and ID of 50mm (49.8mm adjusting for tolerances). I am currently using a fully 3d printed bearing that is bigger that doesn't work very well because the balls rub against each other but I plan to scale things down very slightly to fit a standard 90mm bearing. I wonder what size ball would be needed. I would love to experiment with 3d printing the balls too. I have been able to get very precise round ball shapes using 0.2 mm on the 'Support Z distance' setting, 40% support, and elevating the ball 3 or 4mm off the build plate so that the support be fully around the bottom of the ball. This is in Cura.

I also wonder if you don't really need to put cuts for the balls to go into the race. If you look at how to get balls into the races on full metal bearings with google search, they show that you put all the balls toward one end while keeping the inner race toward the opposite side and then shove the inner race over. You then put the alignment thing in that holds the balls in place.

What is the height of the bearing you are looking for? let me know and I may be able to create something.

I've scaled the 4.5mm version to fit children's marbles (~15.5mm) and this worked well once I selected the marbles (not a consistent diameter). That bearing was ~75mmOD, 27mmID and 24mm HT. I think for your dimensions the marbles may work well with a little adjustment to the design.

There are several designs for the race and bearing insert. I selected a slot-fill approach to keep the wall thickness around the bearing.

The height is 20mm. The bearing is a 50 x 90 x 20 that I am basing it off of. I guess the children's marbles wouldn't work for that height. I could always just try printing the correct size balls. I looked at 50x90x20 bearings online and it seems they don't list the ball size for bearings (I was surprised by that). I have settings with Cura that produces very round ball shapes without any noticeable deformity. The key was moving the balls up a few mm off the bed so that they are fully supported by support, Using 40% support density, and 0.2mm Z support height. I printed another bearing (turned out to be 90.56mm with the balls in place and they turned out perfect with those settings. It didn't have anything to keep the balls in place though so they end up rubbing together and locking up sometimes.

Just added a 90x50x20 mm bearing. Used 8 15.5mm marbles as ball bearings. To assemble, insert the 8 marbles then space out and press in the holder.

Looking at a spool holder print thinking "darn, i need some 608 bearings for this" and forgets about it. Browse for a few minutes and lo and behold. I love thingiverse :D

FYI, I created these for a similar purpose. Built (www.thingiverse.com/thing:3114139) and needed two 608 bearings. So far they are working fine in the design.

Ender 3 - Filament holder DELUXE

Wow, I was surprised how well this worked! I used bb's that I've had in a box for the last 30 years since I was a kid, and they worked GREAT in the 4.5 mm version!

I'd suggest adding more comments / suggestions on the assembly process that works best. I noticed some notches in the inner and outer ring that I'm sure I should have been using more efficiently during my assembly.

Thanks again for making / posting this!

Thanks for the comments and trying the design. I'll consider adding an assembly instruction, Until then, I align the notches on the outer and inner parts and push the bearing through at that location. I rotate the bearing and repeat until all 6 locations are complete.

hello, can you please make this to fit 6mm airsoft bullets? i know they are plastic but just for fun? i would really like that :)

Just made a 6mm version. Using the 6mm balls resulted in the bearing walls being a little thin (0.5mm) but it functioned. I'm posting the files shortly. Thanks for the feedback.

wow nice, quik reply :) i really like this can you mabye make the bearing walls mabye 1.mm ? :)

Just uploaded a version with thicker walls.

This actually works surprisingly well compared against real bearings. I used some machine oil but grease would probably make it even better.