by Manuel_Boria Jan 18, 2019
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This is an awesome design. I wonder if the eyeball could be removed and replaced with a space for a small printed ball that could be popped into place then the eyeball could rotate. Just a thought.

"...and now its time for Beholder Bingo!!!"

Great art piece

Fantastic sculpt. I like the sense of movement you’ve captured. Is it your intention to print this Beholder at 1000% scale? It’s big and I’m new to DnD so not sure about scale to print. Thank you.

Thank you :) This is the very first 3D model I designed for printing purposes, and I went a little overboard with the scaling when I exported my model as an STL file. Printing it at roughly 75% of its original size should be fine, I think.

Do you have any intentions to add a stand/base?

I figured people would want to use their own official bases with the proper sizes. Think I should make one?

Bases themselves are fairly standard, the stand would be something else in my opinion. Tons of different ways that could be pulled off, a peg/hole or embedded magnets would be my approach.

I was just curious if you had anything in the works before I took a crack at making something.

Hey buddy! LOVE this mini. Silly question but why should I not print 'Do_notprint-_Thingiverse_Preview_model'?

I'm using an Anycubic Photon resin printer so it should be able to handle it. Thanks!

Hey pal! Thank you for your comment ^^

I had put this file in there for online-previewing purposes. You can try and print it but be advised, the parts are not welded and it's much lower resolution than the multi-parts version, so it might come out a tad faceted ;)

Haha okiedoke thanks, man! I'll give it a whirl and see what happens. Thank you again for your outstanding work.

You're very welcome! I'd love to see your print when it's done :)

Comments deleted.

That's a real good looking model. Good work!

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :)