Anet A6 Hot-End assembly

by Sisul Jan 18, 2019
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Many thanks for publishing your design files, this is VERY helpful to me because I want to design my own 3Dtouch holder.
I opened the files in FreeCAD, exported as STL, imported in SolidWorks as Parts, and put them together in an Assembly.
Everything is looking very nicely aligned, only the screws of the X-switch and the fan are just a little bit off (maybe due to the STL export/import?).

One thing puzzles me: in your design the centrigufal fan is a few degrees rotated counter clock wise, while actually on my A6 it is rotated a few degrees clockwise (i.e. towards the back). Can you double check your rotation please? (I don't understand why it is rotated anyway).

Once again, many thanks, much appreciated.

I removed all parts and measured them individually. The dimensions and distances correspond exactly to the parts of my printer. But this does not mean that everything can be transferred 1:1 to other printers. But at least the metal parts should fit exactly, with the plastic parts always certain variances are to be expected.
In my case, the centrifugal fan is actually rotated as shown. On the one hand the drillings of my fan are not exactly 45° and on the other hand the distances on the mounting plate are not exactly correct. This results in the twisting of my fan.
The distances between the holes of the stepper motor and the fan are actually different. The distance for Nema 17 is 31 mm and for the fan 32 mm.

Oh, wow, quite some tolerance on the centrifugal fan mounting. I will have to redesign that mounting plate anyway, I guess one slotted hole for the fan would be handy, so you can rotate it a bit and have the fan duct right angled.

About the fan and the stepper motor distances: thanks for mentioning. I am not planning any changes there (yet), but if I do, I will have to chose which one I will take for the "truth".