Ender 3 Fan Mod - Airflow Optimization

by Mr_Groch Jan 18, 2019
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Great Idea! The duct fit perfectly on my Ender 3 pro, however, I found that although the airflow is more focused, the intensity is reduced and this led to a reduction in print quality (my experience). I switched back to the stock duct and print quality improved. I think the problem is the insides not being gradually contoured which instead of channeling the air towards the outlet causes it to flow back out through the inlet. This was evident from the fact that the fan makes a whistling sound due to the air coming out through the small gaps at the connection of the fan and duct. I strongly believe that the design can benefit from improvements but this is a good starting point for others (including myself) to work off of.

This was a tight fit but works really well and is helping my prints come out cleaner! Thanks!

Hi! Great job!
What about share model file (.step or something)?
I have moved Ender-3 head box upper 10mm so need blower a little bit longer. But stl files not possible to change.

Doesn't have. This modification was made in Blender

Worked perfect for the Ender-3, Than you very much!

The model works and I printed it successfully - however, it is too tall to fit on the Ender 3 (non Pro), though the fit is perfect, the model hangs down lower than the extruder, and so it cannot be used. :(
Great concept, this ever gets updated/shortened I will print and try again!

the height is excessive, mounted on ender 3 pro but pulls away the filament just deposited, perhaps it should be shortened a little bit.
Great idea anyway!

Does not fit the standard Ender 3 fan, model is too big.
When measured with calipers, the opening duct that goes into the fan is approx. 28,3mm wide while the fan opening is only 27,7mm.
The scew holes are also not lined up correctly in width. Also the screw mounting things protrude too much upwards so that there is a gap between fan and this air nozzle, I simply cut the top of the screw ring away with knife.
Scaling down to 40,1mm width in Cura helped to fit correctly, maybe the height could also be adjusted 1-2mms.

Would it be possible to make a version to fit a 5015 fan?

I don't have that in plans. And personally I think that 5015 blower with such duct will produce too much air pressure at nozzle tip, making filament hard to stick... I recommend (I'm using that) this mod for 5015 blower https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182917

Hero Me Gen3 - CR-10/S Ender 3/Pro/5 OEM Hot-end

The idea of the water test is brilliant!

I'm running the duct you remixed this from on my Ender 5 which probably has the same print head layout and dimensions as the Ender 3 but no silicone sock. The airflow feels like it's hitting right under the nozzle, but the outlet of the cooling duct is really close to the hot end tip though I have no idea how much is actually hitting right below the tip or just blasting onto the tip. So maybe I'll try a water test on it... or I might just print your remix and stick it on there and call it a day.