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Springy OpenLOCK Clip

by eleotlecram Jan 19, 2019
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These look awesome! I had the same issue as donald_stouffer had. My side walls wouldn't print.

Prusa Slicer (Slic3r Prusa Edition) Settings: Perimeters:3 LayerHeight:0.15mm TopLayers:4 BottomLayers:4

Solution: In "Layers and Perimeters" Settings under the "Quality" Tab, check "Detect Thin Walls". Still thin, but now it Slices the walls.

In the end, I ended up using oniakki's method by setting top/bottom layers and infill to 0%. I then print in 0.3 Layer Height for quick & Strong Clips. Horray!

The difference between this and the standard clip is night and day! I was getting extremely frustrated working on some openlock pieces because the clip was just far too tight, but this has saved me and my project. How has this design not been adopted as the standard clip? Well done sir, excellent work.

Glad I could be of service.

Love the design, I have been using the regular clips and they are always too tight or too loose depending on the version. I printed a set of the middle thickness ones and can't seem to get the sides printed. It's like they are too thin to print. I'm using 15% infill at .2mm. Any idea what I am doing wrong?


It looks like you are using only 1 perimeter/shell. This is incorrect, please use:

Top shells: 4
Bottom shells: 4
Outline/Perimeter shells: 3

The 15% infill (my profile default) does not really matter then, because with 3 perimeter shells, there aren't really that many gaps left to fill in any more. The perimeter shell is important to get the springiness, because it makes the nozzle follow the outline rather than do a criss-cross pattern.

when you say "shell" do you mean layer? i am using cura.

I never thought to release a model of this... I've always gotten the same effect by just using a normal clip and setting infill to 0%, top and bottom layers to 0 and upping the wall thickness to 4 (using the 'standard size' 0.4mm nozzle). I personally found 3 to be a rather loose.

Well, I think that's a very clever idea. Though I'm sure there are people (like me) out there who didn't think of using the infill and outline creatively like you do, and this thing is for those people:)

..Still a neat trick though, and I'll put it in my box of 3d printing tricks, thanks!

Awesome, looking forward to trying this out! Thanks for the design