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tiny Delta Rotational Robot framework

by usertogo Jan 20, 2019
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I don’t want to be negative, but based on my experiences with Rotary Deltas, I think that getting your design working accurately and with a high degree of repeatability is going to be pretty much impossible.

I have build a FirePick rotary delta and its tolerances showed that a 3D printer rotary delta has so many variables that it is close to impossible to calibrate unless the arms and other components are very very accurately matched and orientated. If you want I can direct you to the calibration paper published by the team that invented the rotary delta

yes especially the super long arms on those designs are a factor that makes high resolution or precision dependent on micro steps. That can not be the solution. My Idea is to make the Assembly eventually even smaller and reduce its reach so that you have higher resolution on a small space, then move the entire robot around and have multiple robots printing simultaneously on a bigger component. Also my goal is to implement closed loop calibration somehow. Besides printing I am investigating this type of architecture for other applications too where not much precision is required and if the loop is closed even less!

Making the assembly smaller will help; the issue will be the accuracy of all of the parts, both as individual parts, and as sub-assemblies, and as the final assembly. This includes the joints and connections. These must be high precision, and you have to compensate for the "bowl" effect in software. Have a look at http://www.firepick.org and https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/firepick/d96T_GvhfgU/449VN7RGCgAJ