8-Channel Relay Module Case (SainSmart/Kootek)

by clough42 May 20, 2014
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What a great model. Its exactly what I was looking for. You wouldn't happen to have it in a more open format? Like STEP or IGES? If not dont stress. Thanks again.

I got my 8 Channel off amazon and this case is a little too wide for it. Good design otherwise! cutouts and holes fit perfectly for the relays

Yep - same here; I was going to simply scale it once I realized that, but I'm realizing that doing so would screw up the screw holes. (ENough to prevent its use? That I'm not as sure of). Looks like I'll probably just have to learn to use a mesh editor, or edit the SolidWorks files? Alas!

please do this for 16 channels, I would greatly appreciate it

I don't have a 16-channel board to use as a model. Perhaps someone who does would like to contribute a remix.

would the measures co the 16 relay board helpfull?
i have one at home. Thanks

The tolerance and fit are pretty sensitive on a board like this, since there are so many holes that have to line up with headers, wire openings and screws. If you have one and you make a case for it, feel free to link from here or mark it as a derivative so people can find it.

Thanks for including the Solidworks models! Extremely helpful tweaking the parts for custom projects.

No problem. I can make the models for any of my designs available, if needed.

:( does not fit the current boards. I ordered a JBtek 8-relay board in Sept 2015 and this model fit it perfectly. I ordered 2 more of the same boards from the same seller this weekend and now the dimensions are different. The width of the new boards is ~5mm smaller.

That's too bad. Thanks for letting us know.

If I get you the measurements of a current board, would you be up for updating the model? I unfortunately don't have any commercial modeling tools, so it's either beg for help from someone with (Solidworks, if I recall?) or I clone it in OpenSCAD, or maybe blender or such.

I'm happy to make some adjustments. Of course, it's difficult without the board. There are a lot of openings for the relays and especially the wire connections. If those are all the same size, it might not be too bad. Send me what you have. A photo of the board from directly above would also be useful. If you have a camera with a zoom lens, getting further away from the board and zooming in reduces distortion and makes it easier to take measurements off the photo.

This is exactly what I love for my 3D printer. I am making projects using my Arduino Uno using Blynk for home automation and it uses Relay Boards. A big Thank you to Clough42 for making this and making it available.

Awesome! Can you also post the model so I can edit it?

I just uploaded a zip of the SolidWorks models.

Any chance you can create a top portion that also has a hole for the relay 'power' jumpers?

Wow! Perfect fit. Looks awesome in black. Thanks. ;)

Awesome! Register a make and share your photos.

Can we get one for the 4-channel board?

Tho i use the 16channel version.