Cooling Feet for Alienware 15 R3

by pquijal Jan 20, 2019
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I can't believe how perfect it is!
It clips really well, sits tightly and I'm confident it won't get weak after some time from the heat of the laptop :)

Alright, so i am on vacation right now and brought the feet with me. After a few days of testing they are quite okay, but not perfect: as you said, they don't clip very strongly.
Now I can't really tell you a solution for it, maybe the inner feet need to be a little shorter or the gap for the rubber feet from the laptop needs to be wider, I don't know. The only thing making this work is the magnet really (great idea!).
I think I will try to make it with TPU and PETG to see if it makes any difference for fitting, but I doubt it will improve the situation.
Are you planning on improving it? :)

Hey! I finally got around to working on these feet, and now they snap firmly into place! Hopefully they'll do the same for you and I'm not just over-extruding the hell out of the PLA or something that makes them tighter, lol. Give 'em a shot!

I can print it on Tuesday, I'll report back :D
You are a true hero!

Well so I just wanted to print it, but there is only a "my-cooling-feet-1b-test.stl" which is scaled wrong, because its like 1m big lol
And the other file ends in .skp... Could you upload an stl for it? That would be really neat!

Hey, sorry about that! I added separate left and right foot STLs, correctly scaled and oriented for printing. :)

You amazing individual!
It's printing now and I am actually excited for this lol

Especially the magnet idea. I had ordered magnets, now let's hope they fit :)

Amazing, I was just looking for a replacement because the other feet I printed became unstable from the heat :)