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Hand Gesture Picatinny Rail Sights

by tdkahn1978 Jan 20, 2019
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Does it make sense to print these vertically along the rail axis so to increase strength against tightening?

I did end up making a set for a coworker. I printed the 2 clamps laying down flat with the counter bores for the bolt heads down. The sights were oriented as if they were on the picatinny rail. I printed at 75% infill and they were plenty strong.

Great idea, they look great.
Wouldn't it have been easier to just make the wrist part of the ok sign longer and the one of the middlefinger sight shorter?
Just my 2 cents as i think the scaling of the hands themselves was spot on.

Thanks for the effort!

tdkahn1978 & hoot2 - you guys are amazing! :)

I just got through modifying the other one that was posted later, so that it has a 2 piece base for clamping. I would have saved time and effort, and would already have it printed if I had found this first! I work in a store that sells stuff that these will fit. My co-workers are gonna freak! Downiloaded and liked! Thanks! This is awesome!

Please don't be selling them.

Is the shop you work at for airsoft or more hunting/target related?
I made the mount so I could attach a brass catcher bag better than the velcro strap that it originally had, works so much better

tdkahn1978, I have absolutely no intention of selling them. And if I did, I would check with you first, and share profits. The artistic work belongs to you. I know that. The reason I mentioned working in a g u n store is to establish that my co-workers are all enthusiasts, and that they will love it as much as I do. I'm surprised that is the one thing you got from my comment.

I hunt and reload, so always on the look out for fellow enthusiast. Someone on Facebook pointed out that I need to raise the rear sight so the hole lines up with the finger, hope you didn't print it yet.

I would like to purchase...??? Possible?

It's a free download. Just download the files, put them in a slicer program and print both sights and 2 clamps.