the finger iron sights (PLEASE LIKE IF YOU DOWNLOAD GUYS if thay are lose scale down by 1-5%)

by nevington Jan 20, 2019
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can up load a file of the lockable finger mount with each piece separate

Do you have photos of the proof of work that these are printable? How about orientation and settings?

Print them as is with support. My next ones will be scaled up just a bit.

This site started as a repository for any thing renedered in 3D and is still such a place. Not everything here is posted with the intent to be printable and a poster unless he implicitly states it is printable should not be required to do so. Oh and I have printed them and they print well in both PETG and PLA. You will need supports however.

I'm having a real hard time printing these. The fingers are not coming out. Someone said they thought that I didn't have enough cooling. I thought it might be mechanical on my printers. What settings are you using, include filament temp???

your printing in abs right try printing in petg unless you have a enclosed printer

can you curl the front sight middle finger hand into a tighter fist? if the other fingers werent as crazy and all over the place I could get away without supports for the fingers leaving a much better print

i went and made the lockable ones i remixed it from a design from another user rather than remake from scratch makes it a lot esier and stops the need for endless testing

i can try make them at a 45 thay mount to the top rail still right? and yeah had someone talking shit about my design not having a locking mechanism and i tried to explain it doesent have one for 2 reasons one the tolerences are perfect so should stay on friction fit and 2 thay are comedy sights and you might want to take them off quickly if you mistakenly left them on.

check the ones i just uploaded that sort of thing?

Thank you. Those are the ones.

your welcome just ask if you need them altering will even make a locking version if people think it is necisary ( i personaly dont think thay are needed with this design but its up to the people :) )

Iron? Likely plastic for me

Not sure if meant to be a joke but they're referred to as 'iron sights'.

Iron sights are made out of iron.
And backup iron sights are also made out of iron.

Uhh, what? Thats not how that works. Iron sights are just sights with no glass. You know, V notch and a post or similar.

No. Iron sights are made of iron. If not iron then they are not iron. Sights can be made of other materials besides iron but they are not iron. Simple.

This should just blow you mind then.


Yup, even Wikipedia is correct in this instance! Welcome to your first fact on firearms! It's a fun but expensive hobby.

Dont tell Magpul their polymer sights are made of iron. Don't tell Armalite/Fairchild their sights are made of aluminum! Haha!

Mind not blown. Iron sights used to be iron on older guns versus glass or whatever. Ignorantly calling them iron sights today does not make them iron. And wikipedia is not a real source as anyone can just edit a page and pretend to be an expert.

Wikipedia has now surpassed CNN in accuracy on everything! It's actually a decent source if you both to check the list of sources.

By your logic we should call every firearm and "iron gun" because they either contain iron (all steels do) and Glocks, HK VP9, some Sigs, some ARs, etc are not firearms because they do not contain iron in the part legally a firearm. Yes, there are steel AR receivers. Isnt metallurgy fun!!

I'll let you try to fight that loosing battle with all the old farts who know what they are talking about and have done it for 60+ years. Please, post this to reddit so I can laugh!


< |Nonsense| >I dig the use of the term "Iron Gun", I feel that this should be adopted to further complicate the enjoyment of watching people argue about firearms in every internet chat. By extension all possible materials should be listed, for accuracy. Like "Wood Iron Steel Various other Carbons Gun". Further, I would like to ask if the term "Gun" may be replaced with "Shootyshooty bang bang squeezybit"

As you might imagine I'm not actually a super knowledgeable gun girl, but in giggling at the absurdity of SuperAlpha's argument I actually was looking into the metallurgy things, as that is quite interesting. I just wanted to say that engineering regarding guns, is actually fairly neat. I did not know that a gun's "receiver" being 80% complete will make it fall short of being qualified as a gun, and avoids a background check in the US. What an interesting tidbit.
I ask this for the knowledgeable gun-folk who would be on this thread. I've seen models for gun modification on Thingiverse, like a "Carbine mod" for a kind of conversion to a firearm using... I'm assuming PLA? (NylonX maybe???) and then there's fun mods like this item. Reasonably, what is a viability of these items? Will they hold up to wear and use or is it purely "cosmetic"? Like do they have function? I ask because I'm working on a veeery longwinded project to make essentially a huge puppet costume of a Mecha suit, and I wanted to have demifunctional parts to it (Important to point out: Not illegal firearms, but like fictional weapons). I want to know if these sort of items might work as a proof of concept towards making a pure metal mechanical frame with plating and exterior "trim" done in 3d Print models that fit onto it, like these sort of items.

Anyway, thank you for reading my rambling WOT. I am a major nerd.

class seen this and was trying to find the stl :)

as novel as these are, I would actually like to use them as an offset mount (45). would be fun at the range to plink with them alongside an actual optic. Anyone care to remake them in an offset configuration?

I agree. Make them on a 45* for quick sights.

Oh dang, you know what? I kinda want that too. I'll do my best with TinkerCad haha