Laser Engraver 15watts

by infectedfpv26 Jan 21, 2019
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Hola, muy buen proyecto. Te puedo preguntar de donde sacaste la informacion para manejar la parte electronica? Ya lo has usado? usas laser grbl o alguna customizacion propia?

gracias por tu esfuerzo.

Saludos. Gracias por su comentario. la parte electronica es muy facil... con la cnc shield conectas los drivers y de ahi a los motores paso a paso. si actualiza el firmware del grbl a la ultima conecta el TTL de el laser en el puerto Z de los end stops de la CNC shield.

Custom solo en el programa de LASER GRBL para un boton de framing. pones el laser a potencia minima que se vea la luz y el hace un recorrido por donde va quedar lo que vayas a grabar.

Any chance of sharing source files to allow remix to dual color?

¿Alguna posibilidad de compartir archivos fuente para permitir la remezcla a doble color?

Hello there mate. sorry for my slow response.

i spent almost 260 usd cause i already had the steppermotors.

I hate to be 'that guy', but: Please advise people to enclose the laser in a casing. If you are really using 15 Watts of laser power, one wrong reflection (even off a painted wall) can permanently damage your eyes. And protective goggles (I hope you are using them and they close off to the sides very well) can mostly help you (with that laser power don't use cheap ones - good ones cost upward of 100-200$).

But still, NEVER use it without eye protection. You can get permanent eye damage from much much less power (i.e. below 1W).
You could argue 'if people are stupid enough to use it without protection it is their fault' but I think you should add a warning for people who have no idea how powerful (or rather dangerous) lasers are and can be and that they should educate themselves very very well about lasers before building an engraver. You only have two eyes .....

P.S.: I find it (negatively) amazing how many laser cutter builds you can find and see on Youtube for example that are completely open :-//.

Thank you for your advise.

Are there build diagrams/instructions? I have studied every picture and still do not see the "Thread Inserts M3X6mm
100PCS REALLYCHEAP https://ebay.to/2AUS1NQ" per your BOM??

What am I missing? My Laser kit arrives this Friday, and love the layout... just want to make sure i don't miss anything...

Update:: I read through the comments here and i see that the inserts are for endstops.. if the user wants them.. Still... would be nice to have that in the initial download/instruction page so the build can go faster.... I also found that the threaded rod to the focus adjust is not listed. Would be awesome to include some of the STEP files or fusion files so as to make use of this with local sourced parts. Here in US, I can only find the 8-32 Standard threading.. Metric is hard to come by.

Anyway, this project is awesome.. I am almost done printing all the pieces and can't wait to finish it all up!

Hi there mate.!! you can use 8-32 it really doesnt matter, you just for rise or down the laser head.

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Hey, Such a great BUild. I've started printing the parts today. I do however have a 2020 x and y, and your plates wont work. can you make something so it can fit that please?

Hi, the machine looks nice. Do you have electrical diagrams to share?

hey man could you upload step files perhaps?

would like to do a remix

Hey man, I've finished the build and I'm really happy with the end result. Thanks a lot for making this

Great!! just upload some pics mate. and any donation will be great.

Best regards

I forgot to ask, what fan mount are you useing for the laser controller? I would love to keep the laser as cool as possible and what you have on your videos looks great.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I get to the workshop (over the weekend), and I'll definitely send a small donation as a sign of gratitude!

Here is attached the fan cooler mount. i`m using a 20x20 12v dc fan.

Thanks a lot man!

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ok, muchas gracias,
podias añadir la segunda foto al archivo de thinverse,es muy esclarecedora,


Listo.. ya quedo añadida.!

hola, que pieza va en el hueco de esta pieza, tuerca separador,?


Saludos. Puede usar una tuerca de seguridad y agregale cualquier rodamiento pequeño

Hey man, great build i love it! I already bought the laser and am printing things for it and waiting for the aluminum extrusions to arrive next week.

Do you have a doc/set of images documenting how everything goes together? I presume it's rather logical and I probably won't have any issue as I already made 2 DIY 3d printers so the principle is similar, but things like how many sets of cable chains to print, how many spacers (I presume just 1 set from the pictures plus there are 24 spacers and 12 gears :D, but I presume I'll need around 4-5 sets of cable chains?) etc.

Things like that would make this already awesome project even better for less experienced people who could get this done with a doc.

If you don't have anything like that I'll be glad to document my build so we can add it to this thing, and in case i get stuck somewhere i'll surely post another comment :D.

Thank you for your post. It depends how big is the laser. but for my laser i’have printer like 3 times the same stls. The construction is so simple mate.

Yup it's really simple and elegant, thanks a lot for the answer man!

Oh wow... So, something was corrupted with my download and I couldn't open a bunch of instruction images you uploaded... I see them now (I re-downloaded everything and i see there's more or less everything you need to assemble this beauty :D )... Thanks again man, great work indeed!

nice build, what kind of eye protection do you use? thanks for sharing

Hi there. Well i have been using a red glasses that came with the laser.

Hello there mate. well when i bought the laser i received these glasses.. but i tried not to look direct the laser when is engraving. you can make a custom button on lasergrbl with S10 command and it will light to the lowest power and you can focus the laser.

Thanks for your advice. I love the dimensions and the simplicity, i have a nice 5.5 watt laser but i can't use with my mini rambo, then I found your work.

I hope to build it soon.

Ur welcome mate. nice printing then! any problem just let me know.

Alejandro, usted es colombiano?

i dont know what is wrong but slic3r just closing itself if i adding lowerRight or lowerLeft corner parts to it

thx for files, but with this files happens the same, i see processing bar, and after 2 seconds slic3r kills itself

wow thats weird.. have you tried with other slicer software? maybe cura?

cura opens the files normally

That seems you have problems with slic3r.

looks like, i like your design so want i bild it, this parts will slice in cura then

Great mate.. any problem just ask again ok.

i repaired your files in netfabb, now i dont have any issues puting this files in slic3r, repaired files are attached

Hello, can you tell me in which part do i need the threaded Inserts?

You will need Threaded inserts if you want to install limit switches. in every corner you will find 2 holes to install the inserts.

Ur welcome mate! if you need more info just let me know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRDbouy390k

hello, in the assembly for the LaserMAINmountx1, the assembly does not have eccentric nuts? How do I adjust the wheel tension?

Actually you dont need eccentric nuts but if you want to use them that will be ok... Here are attached some photos about that part. Thank you.

is it necessary to print the cable chains or is it possible to purchase the correct size and mount them?

No mate.. the mounts has been adapted for the custom chain.

This is awesome, I'm working on building it now. Did you have any success with engraving on metals, glass or ceramics?

Also, do you have any assembly instructions?

anodized aluminum works great with low speed and full power. the assembly is just easy but if you have doubt just let me know.

Alright, so the essentric nuts, where do they go/what are they for? Also I'm assuming the spacers are to center the wheels in the V-slot?

Also, where do you plug in the Analog/TTL lead from the laser to the Arduino/CNC shield?

The ssecntric nuts go in the Y axis gantry to adjust the v wheels to the frame. and the ttl cable goes to -Z pin because the new firmware.

Ok excellent! Thank you for your help. I'm sure I'll probably have more questions in the future. Still working on assembly now.

Yes sure. Just ask whatever you want.

I saw the video you posed on Facebook. Nice build! I was researching this last night (I want to use it to stipple a Glock polymer frame. What software did you go with.

Hi there mate. i have installed the GRBL 1.1f firmware and software i used LASERGRBL.

I saw the video you posed on Facebook. Nice build! I was researching this last night (I want to use it to stipple a Glock polymer frame. What software did you go with.

Hi there mate. i have installed the GRBL 1.1f firmware and software i used LASERGRBL.

Hey. This looks brilliant!

Quick question. What thickness material would this cut?


Hi there mike! you can cut 4mm plywood in 5 passes, you can engrave and cut acrilyc, leather, and those softmaterials la balsa wood.