Magnetic Dust Shoe for MPCNC - Increased Clearance (works with DW660, 52mm spindle and 55mm spindle)

by Hobgoblet Jan 21, 2019
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Looking to make this. Whats the difference between the Burly Upper Mount and the Upper Mount. Side by side the holes are a bit off and the burly is a bit more......burly.....but which one do I need to use? I would assume that I should use the Burly parts in leu of the non-burly parts but just wanted to be sure.

Also, it appears that you are missing a part. In your pictures there is an adapter on the lower clamp that changes the diameter to the 3/4 PVC, but its not included in the files.


what size bristles does this use for the dust shoe?

This is a fantastic dust shoe! Any chance you could upload the solid model files? I'm looking to make a mod that will allow for a draw latch instead of bolts holding these together so I can change tools out quicker.

Would you by chance have the stl for the modified dust shoe with the original sized hose mount?

I'm currently making some changes to the design, but when I am finished I can include a version with the original 30.5mm size hose mount (or whatever size you need).

That would be great, thanks.

That would be great, thanks.

I believe you've forgot to make a hole in the "Shoe" part to let the air pass. As it is, there is no way the suction can pass through your part.

I mad some changes to the CAD model right before I uploaded this, and it looks like I broke that feature. The printed shoe shown in my photos does have an opening there. I have uploaded a new STL of the shoe which should work properly.

Thanks for letting me know and for giving the design try. Sorry about the wasted filament.

Yay! Nice mod!! :-D