3.5" Touch Screen Mod for Prusa Mk2/2s/3/3s

by darksid3r Jan 22, 2019
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No, print face down at an angle so it fits on the bed.

So after much farting around, I finally got my screen to work. For anyone in Canada here is the screen i used:

And here is what I had to do to get it working:
git clone https://github.com/waveshare/LCD-show.git
cd LCD-show

Comment out everything in this file

Follow these instructions:

Edit /etc/octoprint-tft-environment

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What is the difference between OctoPrint-TFT and your forked version?

Please take a look at the Github documentation at: https://github.com/darksid3r/OctoPrint-TFT
The bug fixes and improvements are listed there.

Thank you so much for this, just awesome! (:

How did you get the screen to center? I used the same screen as you linked to, but as you see in the picture there is a gap and some portion of the screen is under the cover on the right side :/

Otherwise, excellent mod tho!

Certain screens like the Waveshare do not center the screen in the opening. I have just adjusted the main front panel to account for this. If you would like me to send you the STL please drop me a message, or leave one here, and I will send the STL. My revised version is printing now.

Yes. My screen is perfectly centered, as shown in the picture. Make sure that everything is mounted correctly.

Just wondering if anyway is having issues with the pi overheating? Im printing out the parts for this now but my current case, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2989609, and am getting hi temp warnings. my worry is that with the lcd and buck converter there will be more heat. any add a cooling fan or heatsinks to the pi?

Pi 3B Case for Prusa MK3

I’ve been printing polycarbonate filament (280 / 110 degrees) in an enclosure. Raspberry Pi stays at 65 degrees, 20 degrees below the nomial max temp. So no overheating issues whatsoever.

excellent mod thanks very much. how about a youtube video for assembly ?

I have my printer on a concrete slab and it hangs off the front edge just fine with normal feet.

Would it be possible to have supports that won't require higher feet?

Unfortunately, due to the thickness of the Raspberry Pi board + the screen and the 45 degrees mounting position, it is impossible to reduce the space required below the frame. Moving the panel higher would result in the Y carriage hitting it.
You could use a plate or a block of stone / concrete to raise the printer, which would also reduce vibrations and ringing.

Where has the file with the Prusa logo gone?

There was an issue with one of the screw holes missing from the panel. I’ve uploaded a version that corrects this problem, but I didn’t have the time to do a no-logo version of it. If you are interested in that, I will try to do it next week.

What practical advantages does the touch screen have over the normal screen? I like that this also doubles as a method of enclosing a Raspberry Pi 3B+ into the MK3 since the instructions on the prusa website suggest a Pi Zero but I like the 3B+ better.

Also, I assume this will work with the MK3S, right?

This mod allows you to control Octoprint and monitor printer status directly from the printer.
It definitely works with mk3s

This is great!

It seems there is only one screw hole for the original control panel PCB (on the left side). This leaves the right side, which has the knob and the reset button, unsupported and makes the knob difficult to click. Did I miss something?

Nope. I missed something, you are right. The right screw hole was missing from the model, somehow. I've replaced it with the correct version.
If you don't feel like reprinting it, you can always drill a hole :)

That was fast! Thanks!

Thanks for the great design I would like to know if any 3,5” tft raspberry pi screen would fit?

Mine didn't. But it has little tabs off the sides of the LCD for mounting. It fit the previous version (it had holes for the tabs) but not this one.
I think mine is old (2016) though. Newer ones that are 3.5" should probably work - just look to see if the screen has anything sticking out because that will interfere.

These tabs are removable. It fits when you remove the tabs, I removed all 4 using pliers, fits perfectly.

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I'll have trouble providing 25mm clearance from table to frame given my MK3 with MMU2 only just fits in my cabinet now.

I have some right angle micro usb adapters. If I use one of these to supply power to the PI, do you think I will have enough clearance with the stock frame and rubber feet setup?

Great design by the way.

just now
Due to the thickness of screen+raspberry+backplate+frame support assembly, there is very little clearance on the bottom (see picture).
Also, you cannot raise the panel with respect to the frame, as it will interfere with the Y carriage movement.
If you use the Ikea Lack enclosure, you could modify the 3d printed enclosure mounts to have more clearence above the printer.

with which material did you print? Is possible to print with pla?
Support needed?

Either PLA or PETG, I'd recommend PETG if you print in an enclosure. It does not need any supports.

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How are you printing this? The width is 254.6mm. This is 4.6mm over the bed size of the MK3.

Rotate it 135°.

Print it diagonally.

What buck converter did you use? It might make it easier for us to find one that fits.

I’ve added a link to it in the instructions.

Huh; curious to try this out, but I literally cannot find that LCD module anywhere that ships to the US... maybe I'm missing something? The link you provided says EU only.

Checkout ADAFruit they have a comparable TFT display that another user used. from their comments you will have to remove the tabs from the screen.

The screen is fixed in place by the Raspberry, so I doesn’t need screws. The panel can be used with other 3.5” tft gpio displays in this way.

Sent IM on Facebook.

Thanks for this fantastic mod. I had question is it possible to get a version without the Original PRUSA Text?

I've added a "no logo" version of the panel. Enjoy

perfect =) Thank you

This mod looks fantastic. Well done!