Robot Arm v2

by Sky_Rider Jan 23, 2019
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the stl pieces work?
in order to beging to print it, them, i made the electronic

Hi, the stl pieces are good to print, you are welcome

i conect the base motor to prove.... and not work, all the arm feel down.

i prin the piezes and begin to connect the pieces.
the parallel pieces do not fit well. they are easily separated. I will have to join with loctite, no problem.
the drills are for American bolts or metric. i do it again with 4mm drill.
Can you say me the type of micro you are going to use, in order to buy it in aliexpress, usually, to arrive, need 40 days.
a ggod job. thanks

I'm using an atmega328p, same as an Arduino UNO. And i'm using 4 A4988 stepper drivers

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Can you give the source the wiring diagram, what electronic components are needed to run it?

Hi, for a a proper diagram you will have to wait till i upload the full project on Instructables (soon), However i used 28-byj-48 steppers, 9g servos, buttons for endstops, 4 stepper drivers, and an atmega328p with an hc-05 for control circuitry.

How can you mark how to use the program to move the robot, send an ino program. to test.
I will look forward to the scheme impatiently.

Unfortunately at the moment i'm waiting for a new motherboard for my 3D printer so this project is currently paused. So far i have the electronics all working fine, i miss to do some test Fit of mechanical components and a heck of a lot of coding, so if you want to follow the project as it goes on you'll need to wait a month or two.

For now i have only a test program for the motors, I still miss to write a lot of code. However tomorrow i will upload a link for downloading the code and a Picture of my drawings for the electronics.


I will ask for a link

The link is up, probably you will find the drawing a little bit confusing, if so you can search online how to drive those stepper or ask me directly, i used the common A4988 stepper driver and made the needed bipolar mod on the steppers. I also made a custom atmega328p control board in order to save space, but you can use my code as well with an arduino , make sure to set the correct pins in the Variables tab. In the code i use a microstepping factor of 1/16 to get the maximum resolution, so all the angle/timing calculations were made with that in mind.

I must admit that I am in shock. A powerful scheme. I understand that you have made the circuit board yourself.
How does she look, can you give me a photo for meila?
Can you use eg arduino uno? it would be easier?
The connections in the pictures are not very clear, not everything is clear to me. Czt is the chance of a scheme drawn in better quality.

You can very much use an Arduino UNO, in fact i used the same microcontroller used by it, just on a smaller board. If you want a more clear guide on arduino UNO you can check the internet for how to drive A4988 drivers, it's really not that complicated. However in a few month a full detailed guide on this project will be up on Instructables. Please be patient

Say, please, what is the element in the diagram, I can not read

It's just a header for the FTDI adaptor, it's used to program the microcontroller, you won't need this as long as you use an Arduino UNO.

Please, explain to me what these elements are in the drawings. I marked in red.

it seams that he uses 28byj-48 stepper motors. and 2 MG90S servos tu turn the graber and grab