Zip Top Bag

by PrettySmallThings Nov 6, 2012
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Let me clarify as I hit "return" to soon. I printed the main pouch (140x195) and it did not hold together. When I picked it up and folded it half, the individual strands broke apart like spaghetti out of a box. Any ideas on how to fix?

I tried printing it on my Ultimaker2 and it fell apart. :( any thoughts??

Thank you for amazing thing. Its very nice and easy to print. I had only difficulties to print slider, so I create new one, slightly bigger here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:446228

Updated slider for Zip Top Bag
by skoky

Cool derivative - thanks for sharing!

Really cool project!

great design. think I need a lil more experience before I print.

Nice work on how the sides snap on!

I am going to learn a lot with your work. It is incredible. Thanks

how do you get the material flexible and what software did you use to design this im new and looking into getting a makerbot replicator 2

Thin layers of ABS and PLA are naturally flexible. I designed this in autocad, but there isn't anything special about the geometry - you could design this in any solid modeling program without much trouble. Creating the design takes time and experimentation - but the choice of CAD program doesn't have much to do with it in this case.

I have autocad student Edition since im in grade 9 could i use it to do this?

Yes - but start simple. Software is software - the geometry of this design is really simple and not earth shattering - the interesting part is understanding how the printer works, and how the plastic feels, and how to take advantage of both in a design.

Perfect print on a Replicator (6.2 firmware).
My settings:  for the fabric 100% infill; .25 layer height, 0 shells and NO raft at 100mm/s and travel 150mm/s
The sides with 20% infill and 0.3 layer with a thin raft (=in skeinforge 1 layer base and 1 layer interface, removal is easy like that).

Glad it worked for you!  I print without rafts in general unless support is required.  Thanks for sharing your print.

What's the difference between the clasp in "ZipBag SidesClasp" and the "Tester Clasp"? Just that it's separated out?

It's shorter.  The length on the actual version helps the sides stay together better - but since the test swatches aren't actually a functional object, I shortened the clasp to save a little plastic.

Thanks for the different sizes

ehh got a problem most 3d printers including mine have a print area that is no bigger than 200mm :(

200x200?  As I said in the instructions, the 140 dimension is fixed, but I can easily shorten the 225 on request.  To 200? To 190?  I have yet to find a good guide on the internet about typical platform sizes - I think mostly there isn't a standard anymore - but if you know of a resource, I'd love to see it.  

Most RepRap printers have around 180x180... I guess 170x170 is a good guess for most printers

I love the design, nice work. FYI, my printer, the Solidoodle2 has a 150x150x150mm print area.

I will print this one for my wife. She'll love it ;)

I love it! Nice work. I work with CA glue a lot, latex gloves are a must!

You know, I never bother with gloves, but it's not a bad idea for.  Ventilation is also a must!  

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I want to print one of these out and I don't even have a reason to.

I thaught the prints came out very hard. Is it really possible to bend this, so that the purs is rounded?
(New at this.. My printer is on its way.. 4 weks left)

Thin layers of ABS are pretty flexible. See the youtube video to see the "fabric" in action. I also have a collection on Thingiverse of other flexible designs that are worth checking out if you want to see what's possible.

Man I wish my wife was this handy :D
Your good!