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by GameScape3D Jan 24, 2019
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Hello there,
I have started printing out the ground floor, the fence and the columns for the second floor. I am using a medium grey pla, and will drybrush some light grey, then use an off white for highlights on the stonework. I have not figured out a colour plan for the rest. While I can get the 5.1 clip to fit into the top of the columns I can not figure out how or what to use to connect the stone fence. The clips also seem to large for the pillars. I know this must be a simple thing but it has me baffled. Can anyone please give me a hint?
Thanks in advance
Hank Sommers

connect the fence to the keep? It looks like Column-X-TRP-v7.0.stl is used on the first level of the castle. looks like i didn't lable it on the diagram. Probably an over sight since it is a standard OpenLOCK piece. Is this what you you mean? The walls themselves are clipped with the 5.1 . There are some special clips that are longer for specific connections. Be sure to look at the diagrams at the bottom of the download page.

I have been able to print out, the walls, corners, columns, (they look great) and 5.1 clips. When I look into the receptacle cavity I notice a difference that I did not see until I printed out a window wall (Q wall first floor). In this wall, on top, the opening has a bump on each side that holds the clip in place and the clip, clips in nicely. On this same window wall, and on the fence walls on the ends, the bottom of the opening has this same bump, but on top it is replaced a slope that starts at the top outer edge and continues to about the middle of the inner edge. This stops the clip from being fully seated. I downloaded these free files (thank you) about a month ago, but have just started to print them. Has there been an update? I used an Anycubic i3 Mega with Anycubic grey filament, .2 height, and no supports. Thank you again for your help.
Hank Sommers

Okay I understand, I'll take a look. I must have bumped a vertex in CAD after I got done testing. I'm guessing people have just been making due with the one clip since its the outer wall. Thanks for the heads up Hank! Thats the printer mine was done with so it should work out well.

Please let me know when it is fixed. It looks to be a great build.
Hank Sommers

Hank, I uploaded a new Q_Wall_2nd_Floor . I recut most of these and did an alignment correction in the final versions so I just replaced it with this newer part. I also felt like the connectors were maybe a bit shallow on the long fence wall piece and recut them.Unfortunately none of this fixes the issues you described. Please take a look at the parts in the thingiview and see if you see the issue that shows up on the print. It maybe a weird slicing error or something else. I love fixing errors but I can't fix what I can't see. The outer wall cuts seem very clean and no errors popped up. Try the new Q_wall part and see if it prints alright. I had a weird issue once where the slicer was simply inserting geometry into a OpenLOCK socket. I recut it and it got rid of it, but it was a situation where I could recreate the issue on a 3d print. Since the Q wall is an entirely new piece that would be the best place to start.

Not hard to figure out ... BUT ... the pdf has the wrong pieces noted for the fence. Looking at the stl's makes it obvious, but the fence has stone wall corners, not large 1st corners. Also, I'm really glad I found this here. I grabbed it from DriveThru RPG, and the zip there is missing the door latch.

Overall, very nice so far - only 25 hrs into the print (Ender 3 with a 0.6mm nozzle and Fat Dragon's terrain profile v1.6) so that's just the fence. Should have the rest printed by the time I have time to start applying paint. Will post a "make" if it turns out as well as it looks so far, and will look into some of your full sized offerings, too.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll get the latch up on rpg. The upload over there is kind of glitchy with large uploads. Seeing a make would be awesome. I'll see if I can dig up the work files on the PDF as well.

Looks like it was my fault, I don't see the latch in the folder I uploaded from.

Hi! I've downloaded this file a couple weeks ago and I've recently started printing it and I must say it is amazing.

I'm preparing the slicer for the G_2nd_floor file and I'm a bit concerned with the protrusions which will work as supports for the battlement. Is it safe to print without supports? What if I printed them upside-down, would it interfere with the strength of the joints?

Thank you for your guidance and your amazing work :D

PS: if it is going to be helpful, I'm printing with an Ender 3 with PLA filament.

Okay I got that minor fix up. I think you'll be alright, those enders are solid. I printed those parts in PLA at.3 layer height and it was swell. Things should be just about perfect if your printing in even smaller layers than that.

That's great! I'm printing them right away!

Hi Kladrin, thanks for the kind words. It looks like I forgot to plug in one support at the very edge. I specifically remember seeing that before, give me a few hours to swap that out. Still even that is minor, you'll just get some string beans to clean at that edge. Otherwise absolutely let it fly without supports, assuming the orientation is the same as it is on the thingview. Thanks for reaching out:)

OK Jeremy...I tried to resist...I really did...I give up...take my money! Your work is brilliantly textured and always prints well. On the tabletop all your previous stuff has a rougher realistic look that I really like and this time has been no exception. I also love the sample paintwork on this latest Kickstarter...it really adds to it! Goodluck!

Hey thanks for the kind words. Its always a special honor to get support from another designer. I'm also glad to hear you like the paint job alright. I didn't spend a ton of time on it, but I did try to not do my usual suck job.:)

I love your work and am on board with your Kickstarter. Good Luck.

Thanks for the help QRooster, I'll take you up on the Luck as well:)

Wow that's a really nice piece!

Thanks for checking it out, have fun printing it:)