Trollskull Manor - Playable size (28mm)

by Hsus Jul 18, 2019
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Posted my make - thanks for making the updates and putting this together!

Thanks for posting it! So cool!

I'm seeing a new problem as I try to assemble things. The magnets for 0_a, 0_b, and 1_a are conflicting. The base for 0_b and 1_b are fine, but the connector magnet between 1_a and 1_b requires that either 0_a and 0_b don't connect at their magnet points or 1_a and 1_b are misaligned and don't connect at their magnet point.

Seems like 0_a needs to have it's top magnet holes moved.


I printed the 0_a fixed model, seems to me that something went wrong in updating that one.

Oh duck I did for my own piece and was convinced I fixed it for the rest of you. It’s the top holes on the smaller bottom piece that are misaligned, right? I actually drilled two new holes in my piece instead of reprinting. I’ll update the file ASAP!

Yep - the two holes on the smaller bottom piece need to be... "further down" or closer to the shorter side

I come bearing one more bit of bad news: The very top level of the building - the roof has no guide-lines for how to attach the upper walls to it, but that's minor. The bigger issue is that the chimney below isn't tall enough by about 4-5mm. I don't want to reprint that part so I'm going to chop off 2mm top and bottom and reprint the upper-most walls.

See here for details: https://imgur.com/a/Q8xDFye

It seems like I uploaded the wrong file. I had that issue as well, I printed a small chimney add-on that I glued on top, I can share the file so that you won’t need to chop anything off. I fixed the model but must’ve uploaded the file that I used instead

Chimney addon would be great whenever you get the chance. I've almost got everything completely assembled :)

Fixes are now up - Hopefully everything prints ok, let me know how it goes!

Thanks! Will get them on my printer ASAP

I’ll try to get to everything on Thursday this week

Chimney add-on as well as a fixed TSM_4_b_2 is up now. Working on the basement!

Didn’t get to this before leaving for a trip - I’ll update the file on Thursday, adding some text to the description for now cautioning. Oh and by the way, the print (even though misaligned) looks great!

Thanks! :)

Fortunately I printed the base in more or less a throwaway gray spool and have more of it, so I'll just reprint when you get it uploaded. Was able to make those huge boxes pretty quickly with 0.3mm layer height.

Thanks again for making this - my group is gonna be really surprised when they see it!

Just FYI about TSM_3_b_2: I loaded the .obj file into Cura and it seems to have sliced and is printing fine. Maybe the creator can update the file, but in the meantime this seems to have worked.

Oh great! The obj file was my fixed version after getting feedback that it was broken, thanks for reporting back!

The TSM_0 basement pieces seem like such a waste. Could the creator or anybody else just take out the actual cellar part and make that a standalone piece? I'll just use a foam block as a base and cut out the cellar for the printed parts. Many thanks if anybody can do this!!

Yeah I get that, I tried a few things but really wanted to keep the trap door down to the basement and couldn’t think of a good way to reduce filament while making it look good. If you want it as a stand-alone piece then I’d recommend that you just load it into meshmixer and divide it as you want

Also out of curiosity, what did you use for the trap door to the cellar? I was able to print TSM_1_a without issues, but the floor in that gapped area is a bit weak.

Hmm so the issues in your last comment didn't show in the print? (because I haven't seen those issues)

I used this file for the trap door: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1683159 just scaled it to fit!

OpenForge 2.0 Trap Door

Thanks for the door link, that's perfect :)

They're visible in the print but the print survives nonetheless. I've put a couple pictures on Imgur that show the oddities I see in three of the models (that showed up despite opening them in Windows 3D Builder and having PrusaSlicer render gcode for them): https://imgur.com/a/mSVeuLR

I also had to have PrusaSlicer cut off the first layer of the TSM_1_a model as it wanted to print all but the tiniest spot on the second layer. Having it slice off the bottom 0.1mm of the model resolved the issue.

That's so weird, I think I had the same look on my floor but didn't impact the print, I didn't notice it when tinkering with it though.
The roof tiles I noticed and intentionally kept, thought it added some flavour to the model ;)

It's super weird with the layering thing though - I haven't seen that at all. I'm guessing it's an issue with the model from TinkerCad, it seemed to slice fine in Cura though.

This looks amazing - TSM_1_a looks like it has a problem though. The first layer is a tiny speck, and then in one of the doorways there is a triangular chunk of missing model.

(for anyone else reading - This seems to be non-evident in the actual print - see next comment)

hmm. what build volume is it optimized for? ive got my ender 3 at 235x235x250mm and cura is saying that it wont fit on the build plate for TSM_0_a_fixed

I find that a brim or skirt makes some of the objects too big for 235x235. So, despite the advice to use a brim, I print it without anything and it fits.

You can often (depending on clips) up the print bed area a bit on the ender 3. But yeah some parts might do better with a raft that doesn't stick out at all or a decreased brim-width (or even no adhesion at all).

Some parts fit better when rotated 45 degrees

The file for TSM_3_b_2 looks wrong. What should be the magnet hole on the bottom is sticking out instead.

A fixed version is up now! Just check the update notes for info on which to print :)

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll upload the correct model asap

Hmm I spoke too soon - Couldn't find the final repaired model. Downloaded my mix from Tinkercad but the model has internal vertices... Gonna try fixing with make printable (netfabb failed and mesh mixer didn't produce accurate enough results), unfortunately they've discontinued their free tier...

I will look at it when i am back home from work. The one that was uploaded before also was too big for the 235x235 ender3 as well, but I will look at the new file and see what it brings. Worse comes to worse, I can trim off the offending part of the old file and try with that.

Rotate it 45 degrees and it should fit!

I only see one set of magnet holes on the base layer. TSM_0_a.stl does not have them as TSM_0_b.stl does. Is this correct?

No that was an error on my part - Theres a new version up now!

I am a little confused about the bottom parts. TSM_0_a looks small and TSM_0_b has 2 tall pillars that don't seem to be in any of the pictures or instructions.

The new TSM_0_a is uploaded now!

Re: the small one - I must’ve uploaded the wrong version! I’ll fix that when I’m back home tomorrow

Re: the pillars, they’re in all the pictures! They are just in front of the entrance to the first floor (covered in vines!), they’ve been left unchanged from the original version, not much instructions to give, they go in under the 2nd story balcony, the tolerances are a bit tight so one might need to sand it a bit (this was true for me with the original model as well but I haven’t seen anyone else mention it so I left it)

Aaaaah crap. I thought that was a support for something else. I've got both bottom parts printing right now. Thankfully the wrong file is terribly small so I didn't lose much.

Great remix by the way! I've been looking for some good STLs of the manor for a while now. Thanks for going through the trouble!

The new TSM_0_a is uploaded now!

Wow that looks amazing! Any chance a couple of the larger pieces could be sliced up a little more for smaller build plates? (My ender 3 is about 2 inches too small lol)

That’s weird, this was specifically made to print on an ender 3, that’s what I used to print everything! Are you using a wide brim or raft? Some of the parts really take up almost all of the build plate!

Oh duh of course. I still had the brim on from a previous print! Thanks for the quick response :)

It looks very good! It's nice to see the roof tiles being used like this :)

They worked great and having them in different configurations was immensely helpful! I had some issues with triangle counts so I had to reduce the polygons in meshmixer and then bring them into tinkercad. Even so in a few places TC messed up but it looks almost like natural decay, so I kept the flaws! Thanks for your models!

looks amazing glad my spiral stairs helped you out

Thanks man! That model was great, worked perfectly in there!