SNES controller

by srepmub May 21, 2014
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Thanks for this wonderful design! This is really a life saver!

glad it's useful to you, and thanks for the comment!

The inverter chip is unnecessary with the right shift registers. cd4021 for instance.

thanks for mentioning!

I'm amazed as of how close it matches the original SNES controller in terms of size.
I had printed the L and R button because I had a broken R button on my original SNES controller and luckily enough they fitted perfectly.

Both shoulder buttons are the right size and are nice to touch. I almost gave up searching for original parts to print as replacements for broken original parts.

Thank you a lot for making this project. It can literally serve as a spare parts supply for everyone who has broken SNES controller parts.

thanks for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that it was useful to you.

Can you do one for both the Three and Six Button Genesis Controllers! Please!

you do realize that I spent many weeks doing just this one..? :P

Thank you for this. Is there a place I can get the step file instead of a stl? I have a battery powered snes I'm working on turning into a portable, think gamegear. I was going to measure everything out but you did the work for me. Thank you!

yw! not sure how to convert an stl to step, sorry. apparently freecad can do it, but I don't know how well that would work.

Hi! Do you hace the dimensions for the snes controller? I couldn't find those out there :( thanks!

Have you tried printing the rubber button.... springs? Not sure what to call them... anyway, those rubbery bits that sit under the buttons, have you tried printing them in TPU? Very curious if it's possible to print those rather than go find pre-made.

yeah, I don't see why this wouldn't work. I'm actually planning to give this a try after I build my next printer, perhaps in a few months. first I want to properly print the controller using soluble support (hence the new printer), and also model the connector..

Thanks a lot because a need a file of original gamepad for redesign for transform in a retropie !

I was thinking something similar. Basically, people are stuffing Pi Zero's into SNES controllers, why not print one up specifically for it. Use the Pi Grrrl wiring and run HDMI out. Leave USB's open for power and Player 2 USB controller.

I was going to do the same thing, haven't had the time, great idea though!

How close is this to an original controller? I'd like to use this as a template to work other parts onto a mod on an original controller without modifying the original more than I have to.

I used a digital caliper to measure everything precisely (<0.1mm), but probably made a few mistakes along the way, although I haven't done a thorough comparison after printing. there are probably also a few minor compromises for printability, though I don't remember exactly. anyway, in theory it should be pretty exact. the PCB's, buttons etc. should at least fit out-of-the-box.

Thanks very much for your hard work on this. This shall work perfectly for what I need to do then (heavy mod for emulation). May I have your permission to post the modification that I do (when I'm done), complete with attributions to you and links to this original?

of course, happy to be of assistance. please do let me know if you find out that I've made a big mistake somewhere, so I can try to fix it.

Awesome work!!
Absolutely NOT useless, as retrogaming hardware becomes rare, with many broken or missing parts. A Super Nintendo case would be great too, to replace the many consoles who break after turning yellow.

I'd love a solid version of the assembled one/a simpler one, for decorative purposes, can you help me out? :)

like just a small one for like a keychain or something :)

i was able to flatten the top of the upper.stl to make it easier to print for my printer top facing down.

but im not good enough using sketchup to flatten the top of the lower.stl so it is completey flat since it is at an angle, i was wondering if you might be able to.


thanks for asking! well, I have had my problems with support structures over time as well. then I found out that KISSslicer can handle this kind of thing with ease. just print it with the inside down and you will be able to easily remove the added support structures.. a raft is also useful for this model, since it will also be easy to remove after printing.