Ender 3 Pro V-Slot covers

by ximes Jan 24, 2019
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this seems pretty cool.
Just a quick question, why print standing?
Printing the rooms lying on the bed (and many at once) is faster no?
Or is it to avoid printing problems on the face glued to the bed?

Naaaa print them flat, as per description :-P Thingiverse previews them standing up for some reason

Do they fit in the normal Ender 3 slots ?

It fits the Ender 3 Pro - to the best of my knowledge also the not-pro version.

Looks pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing it. I hope I can install it as well.

Thanks! Kudos to @nicocazza

What do you do with your filament spool attachment? It cannot go on the top with the 165mm rails in there. Just curious?

It's attached on the side on mine.

These fit perfectly. Thanks.

How many of each exactly is needed? I can't seam to find that information

That's what I used:
Top frame:
2x 165mm, top holes (top)
4x 165mm (front+back)

Vertical frames:
8x 200mm (front only). Please note that I don't have the psu mounted on the frame, so you'll need new versions with holes for mounting the psu on a stock Ender3.

y support frame:
4x 175mm (top, or 2x if you have a not-pro version)

Center frame (internal):
4x 105mm (top)

Frame wings:
8x 143mm (top)

Again I needed them to keep dust away, so I put covers mostly on open slots at the top. I didn't put anything on the sides.
The attached pdf shows the locations of the ones I used.
I could prepare more sizes, just ask for them if needed?

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Could you make 200mm ones to accommodate the PSU screws. please? :)

Or, even quicker, try www.thingiverse.com/thing:3469646. Thanks @hacha.

V-Slot Vertical Covers with holes for PSU Ender 3
by Hacha

I can do it, which version of Ender do you own? Or just give me some measures please, I'll try when I have a moment ;)

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I'm having a weird issue...in Simplify3D, the 165mm with holes isn't slicing with the holes connected...if that makes sense. I end up with three separate pieces...any thoughts?

You'll have to enable printing of thin features.
The hole required by the screw is pretty close in size to the cover's width, so those walls are very thin (something like 0.2 or 0.3).
Not sure for Simplify3D, but it's called Print Thin Walls, in Cura. It looks to me like there are a few options in Simplify3D covering the same, check out: https://goo.gl/4CwDvh. Let me know how it goes!
I added it to the description, thanks!

Thank you! That was it! I appreciate your assistance, and I really like the V Slots. They look great!