Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

China's ancient building in Tang dynasty

by hghu Jan 27, 2019
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Hello !!!
Great project and being in pieces yet more.
I'm fond of 3D printing but my profession is a carpenter.
Having this building built makes me very excited.
I see that in a photo you have it finished, but in the files there are missing pieces, are you going to upload the missing ones?
On the planes although they facilitate the construction they are not absolutely necessary, it will be like a puzzle !.
Thank you!!!

Amazingly beautiful! I want to print this in wood-filled PLA!

Are you using TinkerCAD? Someone mentioned Sketchup but the photo looks like TinkerCAD, to me. Since I'm running Linux I've never used Sketchup. It sure looks like TinkerCAD, though.

Have you uploaded all the components?
( 請問已經上傳所有元件了嗎?)

Hi, wonderfull model! Congrats and thanks for sharing. I intend to print it to use in RPG/wargames, wich scale is around 1:56 to 1:48, so your model is scaled just right. However, I wonder why you chose to print the roof in so many small pieces? About manual, I Imagine that it would help wonders having just an exploded partial view, or maybe a cross section of assembled parts.

So your saying this building in real life was built in the year 1019


wonderful model! any chance for one more stl of entire thing completely combined?

It is very difficult to upload all STL at one time, it is difficult to assemble without manual, please be patient and so on.
thank you

I see you use sketchup to make your model. What program do you use to fix misplaced sketches on your model?

My model is assembled by small components, and the components are not complicated. If they are complicated, I use the SUAPP PRO plug-in.

hello :) any update on the manual for assembly?

Writing manual is a heavy workload, please wait patiently

I love ancient Chinese buildings with dougong supporting system very much. Would be glad if you can provide more detailed information about this building, for example its name and location in China (also in Chinese if possible). I hope you will upload the remaining parts of the model very soon. Thanks

The bell tower of Kaiyuan temple in Zhengding, Hebei province, China, was built more than one thousand years ago in the late Tang dynasty.There are too many model components to upload at one time. I will try my best to organize the upload. Thank you!

I manage to find the building. It is the only bell tower building still in existence from China's Tang Dynasty. It is very good to know it's history. Thanks

Great job!!!
This is what I'm looking for.
Considering the structure of beams in the roof and the curved line of roof edge, the building looks like Korean one, I think.
Anyhow, thank for your great work. I really appreciate it.

Thank you!
I did upload all the parts, but some parts are missing from the web page, which may be a network problem.Assembly of this model may require manual. I will try to write manual in the next step, and finally complete all required contents for complete assembly.This is a heavy workload. Please be patient.
Thanks again!

Great, great work. I love this project. I will wait to print, because I think a assembly manual is needed.
Thanks hghu for the design and sharing.

Great Job !! this building will be very spectacular on my terrain for the game "ninja all stars" :) I look forward to download all the parts.

Wow! Gorgeous! Any chance for a reference model of the full assembly; or sub-assemblies as appropriate? Thanks again!