Small Parts Storage Box

by zx82net Jan 28, 2019
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I dont understand how many of what hinges I need to print this...

Can anyone comment?

I suggest you print 2 of each hinge, try them both and see which type you prefer.

I really like the hinges and latch on this

Can you make this same box without the dividers? Just a hollow box please?

Check out my customizable box:
That has the source files, so you can edit it yourself.

Customizable Rugged Waterproof Box
by zx82net

What a great design. I printed it in PLA with .3 layers and 20% cubic honeycomb infill. 3 bottom and 2 top layers. 4mm brim on glass with our KosselXL at our local makerspace. It came out perfectly. I dumped a bunch of tiny (really tiny) beads in one section, closed it and shook it for all it was worth and none changed place.
I'd guess the hinges and latch will wear out though because of the material. One question, why only one single axis hinge? Or was I suppose to print 2 of one or the other? It's small enough that one single axis does the job so it's just a curiosity.
Thanks for the great thing!

The intent was, you choose which of the hinges you want, and print two the same, but whatever works.
I've actually found the PLA to be pretty durable in extended use, so you should be ok.

That's what I thought after the fact, but since I'd already printed them, I just used them. I'll keep that in mind for future prints. :P

What material did you use to print this?

Amazon basics PETG. It's great stuff.

Amazon basics PETG. It's great stuff.

I printed out this case and I'm a little puzzled by a couple of things; You have two copies of the hinge included with different names, yet they are identical. 2nd and more importantly, while the latch parts work fine, I'm having trouble with the hinges though. your drawing and my checking in F360 shows the hinge should sit in a depression in the box pieces, but I see no such thing. is this missing?

Looks like I uploaded the single axis hinge twice by mistake, I'll copy the other file across when I have time. In the mean time, you can find the other hinge version with my waterproof box thing.

The hinge doesn't sit in a depression, it flexes when the box closes, that provides the static pressure on the seal. You'll notice the latch also gets stretched in the same way.

I just keep thinking about a SD/CP case.... just giving ideas xD

Added, thanks. (It's 6 M3 x 20mm screws.)

Nice looking box, Please include hardware requirements in the description!