Kodeck - modular CCG deck box

by koder Jan 27, 2019
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I was very interessted to print these box but..........

It does not fit at all.
Groove and spring have no tolerance.
No adjustment.
It stuck after 2mm.
pity after 21std printing.
0.2 Layer
40 mms
Clean surfaces

No offense, just my impression

I'm sorry it happened to you, but I printed couple of these from this exact files without any problems. There is 0.2mm tolerance in the design.

Could you post pictures? Perhaps I could offer some advice.

can these hold a magic the gathering commander deck?

It can hold up to 120 cards in double sleeves, which should fit any Commander deck. If you need more, you can adjust size in source.


not sure if im missing anything but I can only seem to fit about 84 double sleeved cards into the slider, does onshape let you customise things like openscad?

I mean I could fit a couple more in but I dont want to risk damage or warping the part to be honest.

Yeah you should be able to set any box size via the "cardDepth" variable in the OnShape ("Basic Design" tab). You have to be using thicker sleeves than I do - I managed to fit 100 without much trouble in the default 60mm. How much do your cards need?

Using KMC perfect fit inner sleeves and ultra pro eclipses for outers my 100 card decks fits pretty snugly into a 100+ boulder case from ultimate guard, which, according to the manufacturer the interior is measued at 68,5 x 67,5 x 93 mm

The onshape link seems to be read only so I cant make any changes, waiting for them to reply to my request for a hobbyist account for now anyway.

You should be able to get free OnShape account by just registering here, and this should be sufficient to make a copy and perform edits.

Be sure to double-check the output before printing - while I did my best to have this fully parametric, I'm only human.

Yeah I found the free plan, the design seems to be solid even after changing the depth to 68mm, printing the slider now to give it a test.

For reference, only the swirly _base and body files have the drawer slots.

Let me double-check that, there were some issues with file uploads.

EDIT: They seem okay as of 1.2.4, which file gave you concerns? Perhaps I'm missing something.