Geared Maker Coin - Multi-Material

by DomDomDom Jan 28, 2019
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I printed the .35 tolerance at 50% because that is the only one that had 3mf file for everything put together. But it ended up having too large of a gap between the pieces and fell apart.
I would like a single color stl version of this if you have one with the .2 mm tolerances.

Hey steckdev,

Thanks for reaching out. If you download the "Geared Maker Coin PIP - Plane.zip" it has 3mf files for each tolerance. You can then replace the center body.stl for the design you wish to print in your slicer while keeping all of the settings. This should work fine for both MMU and single color printing.

To get the single color printing to work (using Slic3r PE) you can drag one of the 3mf files into your work area.
-Change your printer, filament, & print settings.
-Double click or right click on the object to pull up the settings.
-Change each object in the list (including modifiers) to the default extruder. There are 6 in total with the .3mf.
-Slice away and print.

I had included a .3mf file for each design for the 0.35mm tolerance as that's what I found best to print with at 100% scale.

If you're still looking for a solid stl of all the parts, take a look at BobaMaker's original design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3291139.

Hope this helps, lemme know how it goes. Happy printing!

Print-in-place Geared Maker Coin

Oh that is awesome! Didn’t expect so many versions, you’ve made my day, awesome stuff! This may now even catch the eye of prusa themselves!

Hey thanks! I really appreciate it :) That would be really cool too!