CR-10S Pro Customizable Glass Bed Clip Extensions

by boulwarek Jan 29, 2019
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Spacers not needed, just swap to 2 front clips...they now secure on the front sides....

Awesome, thanks for this! I've shared it on the Facebook Creality CR-10S "Pro" User Group at [https://www.facebook.com/groups/297775357514809].

No problem. I have gotten used to printing on glass and prefer it over the build surface that came on the printer. I've been using these on mine since I made them and they seem to work great. Hope other people get some use out of them.
The one issue I do have with glass, though, so you are aware, is the Z axis probe is much more accurate the closer it is to the surface, but it cannot see the glass, so it is technically an additional 3mm from the build plate when sensing. I have been using the feeler gauge that came with the printer and laying it under the sensor and adjusting that way. It is much more accurate, but you have to remember to place it there every time the printer homes itself, otherwise you will crash the nozzle into the glass.

Thanks. I don't seem to have an issue with the sensor crashing into the glass but I was having really bad stringing with my PETG the higher up I got. I wonder if it's related. Do you think upgrading to a BLtouch might solve the issue since it can sense glass? I'm not sure what such an upgrade would involve though.

If you are having issues higher up in the print, it is not related to the bed sensor. A BLtouch would probably work better with glass, but that's not going to fix the issues you are having. that sounds like either an extrusion issue or temperature issue. PETG is stringy by nature, though. It is hard to say without seeing what you are printing.