16 Color Palette Test Multicolor (Diamond Hotend)

by swirlingbrain Jan 29, 2019
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I'm using Repetier firmware and host. I'm using Arduino/Ramps 1.5 board with an extender for the extra stepper. The printer is a Perusa I3 looking generic printer. I ran some more color tests last night. I'll post pictures and the CMY weights soon. I have mine setup for 16 tools but I guess any number could be setup. The color table shows the mix settings. It works sort of by summing the 3 "P" numbers and dividing. So 1,0,0 would be 100% cyan. 1,1,0 would be 50% cyan, 50% magenta. 0,1,2 is 33% (1/3) Magneta, 66% (2/3) Yellow. I'm not sure if your firmware works the same way but that's what mine does.


I have a diamond hotend on a Kossel... Just killing time until my MMU2.0 ships.

For CMY, thanks to ykratter, use Esun ... They make all three colors that mix well. Light blue, Magenta, Yellow.

What firmware and board are you using? I am using Duet Wifi w/ Reprap firmware (I think it is) and 12 tools (colors defined).

If you are using the same, would you share your mix settings?

Update: I see you incuded the mix settings but they are for a different firmware.

Yeps. Garbage in garbage out on the filament colors.

I'd like to have the 5 filament diamond head that adds black and white filament to the mix, but currently I have only the 3 filament diamond head which only has cyan, magenta, and yellow (approximate - not Pantone) - but no black (K). So I only have CMY not CMYK or CMYKW and yeah just ballpark. So worse, I can't get shades of color. Anyway, my hope is to at least dial in a decent set of reasonable color palette that I can use on a regular basis. Yeah, probably with each new roll of filament I'll need to dial it in again since they're not really standard at all. Pantone filament colors would be nice, but like ya said, probably not ever going to happen. Hopefully, an approximation of some typical colors will be good enough.

problem with the diamond hotend is to get the correct pantone colors/tones

the black and white are easy enough
yellow in the correct tone is a bit harder
but the biggest pain of them all are magneta and cyan

there are a few places that can do it if you give them the correct numbers etc, but it will cost you an kidney

but then you will be able to control things more precise as you can now use the CMYK color wheel to pick an color and how many % of each you need