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by DigitalUrban Jan 31, 2019
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Thanks for taking the time to upload this! As a beginner working with GPIO pins and pHats, i just have a few questions.

I currently have a Raspberry pi 3 with a pHat Beat board and 2 speakers. I have, using ansible, automated the build and installation of everything that i need to get up and running. suddenly, i stumbled across your post here and fell in love with the idea of the buttons leveraging the existing buttons on the pHat board so i can create a media player.

I plan on using the buttons as controls for my media, playing music, volume up and down, next track etc.. I can code all of this via Python but the problem is, actually plugging in the arcade buttons is where im stuck. I'm not sure what i need to buy and what needs to connect where.

For now i know i need these items:
Arcade Buttons
GPIO Header Extensions

What i don't know is, what cables do i need? and once i get the cables, what needs to be plugged in where?

Also, once its all wired up and ready, is the button press of the Arcade button registered in the same way as the pHat board? As in, can i just use the existing pHat board python library to create my media player?

Sorry for the barrage of questions. But i would really appreciate your help.

Very nice project with a couple of comments/suggestions. The holes are too large for the suggested buttons, specifically COMO416 - COMO419 from Pimoroni. They allow the buttons to pass all the way through. The model shown in the picture is probably not the same model as provided in the printed version since the holes must be smaller, since the buttons look to be the same size and design from Pimoroni. I'm considering whether to resize the holes or to simply scale the whole box down to fit the Pimoroni buttons, keeping in mind that the Pi0W/pHAT BEAT/Surface Transducer (Large) must still fit inside. Also we are never given a peek inside the box to get a clue as to how the buttons are wired to the Pi0W/pHAT. The pHAT itself has buttons to push and the pirate radio kit connections are simply the direct GPIO pin connectors. So, I'm wondering if the buttons are wired to the back of the Pi, the back of the pHAT, or somewhere in between. Is it possible to get a picture of the inside wiring? Also include the positioning of the pHAT inside too, so that we get the nice lighting effect visible in the video. Thanks!!

Well that's embarrassing - so sorry, i uploaded a previous version for larger buttons.

The file is now correct, i have also uploaded a link to the header pins i use - this allows easy access to the gpio pins so the buttons can be wired as per the phatbeat pin out diagram.

Let me know if i can help, happy to take it apart and photograph inside if that helps...