Prusa MMU2/S Reinforced Idler

by Karkovski Jan 30, 2019
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Is this idler ok to use with the MMU2S too ? I dream to have one that no more cracking ><


Also, it is not indestructible, you still need to be careful when tightening the screws ;) But it is certainly stronger!

Yes, it is. There are no changes to MMU unit between MMU2 and MMU2S.

Did you use a different size bearing on the side opposite the stepper? The diameter of the hole seems to be about 17mm, not 16mm.

I honestly can't tell what happened. Fusion 360 file has a 16 mm diameter, but the uploaded STL has 17 mm... I might've made some changes and exported the wrong file. Should've double-checked the upload - sorry for this! I've reuploaded the file and checked the diameter again. If you do not want to reprint it, just wrap the bearing with some electrical tape - it shouldn't be much of an issue. Sorry again!

No worries at all, I'll just reprint... I just thought I was losing my marbles for a bit there. Thanks for the quick answer and upload! :)

Thank's for the feedback and understanding :) I've uploaded another iteration with just a minor change - a small notch above the bearing to compensate for filament sagging - if you haven't started printing, you might consider downloading the newer version (although the former should be ok with just some minor filing/sanding) ;)