RoboHand V75 (Print in Place)

by 3D_Toys Feb 1, 2019
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Thanks for creating this. It's really cool! Do you have a STP file that you can share? I have some ideas for improvements I'd like to make and send to you. If you can't share the model I will try explaining what I want to change if you have time.

yeah, sure. I will post it for a couple of days.
Make sure you grab it soon enough.


Awesome! Thanks

Awesome design. I had one issue and honestly don't know if it's the file or I my slicer settings are wrong. The thumb did not print attached. It's close enough that I can figure a way to glue it. You can see in the attached image that there is a gap printed around the thumb.

Yep, it's supposed to be like that.
The thumb is separate object. Thumb swings 360º in relation to the hand. The thumb is encased by the hand frame what keeps it in place.
Hope it works for you

That part works great, it just didn't connect the base of the thumb to the frame, the part that holds the rotating portion. The pic shows what I mean, the slicer created a gap around the rotating thumb frame. I'm thinking it is my slicer, using Simplify3D. I haven't really tried any other slicers so I'll experiment with some others. Little bit of super glue fixed the issue and my kid loves it. Thanks again for the fun print!

After investigating the issue a bit, I discover that Fusion did not merge two objects the way I expected when exporting the STL.
Anyway, I believe this will solve the problem. the new files is RoboHand v75.1.stl

Thanks for the feedback

I see it now.!

Will check my model, maybe there is tiny gaps in there.

Cura had some problems too, with the gaps on Z axes