Laundry Detergent Cup Drain - remodeled

by peter_v Jan 31, 2019
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For reference: Up&Up Target generic brand works using the Kirkland model perfectly. I hope this helps someone.

Hi, we don't have those containers in my country and they look really convenient. I was wondering if anyone would mind keeping 2 empty and mailing them to me? (I would pay for the shipping of course).

Since this is contact with detergent, is PETG the only filament to use really, or would PLA/PLA+ be able to stand up to the detergent? I'm relatively new to printing, and have not experimented with anything beyond PLA/PLA+

For some reason the Sun/Era one fails every time at 21%. The print shifts like an inch at 21%. I can print the other versions with no problems. Any thoughts? Has anyone successfully printed that one?

I kept having the same issue. I overcame it by slowing down the print to 70% speed. I use a maker bot rep 2.

I made some adjustments to the printer (Ender 3). I'm not sure if it was a coincidence, or luck of the draw. I got a successful print. I did hear the nozzle crash into a support around the 21% mark, so I think my issue is with the settings on my supports. It fits the bottle perfect. Thanks!

I appreciate you including the F360 file. I have been trying to modify the parameters of the cap to fit an Arm & Hammer dispenser. It is larger in diameter and has a wider pitch. I have been using F360 for a while but somewhat unfamiliar with the parametric adjustment. I changed the Cap_inner_diameter to 37.5 mm and the Cap_thred_pitch to 4.25mm.
When I made those changes, the SurfaceOffset1 step threw an error and the next SurfaceStitch step had a caution. Also the knurls disappeared. Any insight to what is going wrong?

as a workaround, I used to parameters to change what I could and then cleaned up the errors (and threads) one by one manually in F360. Printing now so we shall see how it comes out.

I am sorry about that. I should have tested it before upload. I have made fixes to the thread and the circular pattern and re-uploaded the file. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix the error with SurfaceOffset1. You just need to right-click it, edit and then click OK after you make any changed that affects it. That will take the error away.

One word of caution: I would expect the Spigot_outside_diameter to grow with the Cap_inside_diameter. That is the the opening in the throat of the bottle to get bigger with the outside diameter of the throat. So if one of them increases the other one should probably too.

Thanks Peter! I will look at the new version soon. I was able to create an stl that will work now with Arm & Hammer detergent. I also had to make the cap 1.5mm shorter. The leading edge of the cap was bottoming out on the container before the spout was tight. I will upload my stl for those with the same issue soon.

Could you possibly modify the thread to make a version that fits on a Downy fabric softener bottle as well? Asking for my wife. lol

Found out this does fit the Downy bottle but not the Costco brand laundry soap. I modified the file so it does fit Kirkland detergent and will upload the variant soon.

I am sorry about not responding, but I was out traveling. If anyone needs modification, please include measurements. Specifically inner diameter of the “throat” (diameter of the opening), outside diameter excluding threads (just before the three starts or just after it ends, which ever is larger), thread pitch (distance from middle of one “peak” to middle of another), and thread height.

I don't know if the Costco brand fabric softener is the same as their detergent, but I was able to make it work by printing the original file at 90% scale...

Went to Costco to get measurements and added Kirkland stl. Not sure what your other problem was with Downy. I compared Tide, Downy and Gain and they all use the same cap. It is possible that you were able to find some old stock, that the original Laundry Detergent Cup Drain was designed for. I don't mind adding stl for it, I just don't know where to get measurements for it.

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+1 for this as well!

Makes me wish I had my own washer so I could use this. Great design. If you had the desire, I could see this becoming a commercial product.

Is the 'screw' part supposed to screw independantly from the rest of the drain? I can't seem to figure out how you screwed it on with the handle

The cap should be printed in place. I.e. exactly as you see it in the render. Don’t separate the model into individual bodies. When you split the model into parts, they should stay in place. If they fall to the bed, or move in any way, you did something wrong. If you printed the cap separately from the cup holder, there is no way to put them back together without cutting the cup holder and glueing it together. I apologize if that was not clear.

I printed the original of this a while ago but it recently broke. I'll have to give this version a try. Thanks!