Portal 2 Turret

by Novachris Jan 31, 2019
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Holy cow! This thing is amazing! I came here to look into re-building an older design I had printed and then found your version. Now I am just going to build yours instead. Thanks for sharing this with us!

This part is also missing, I think is the one holding the Arduino :D

Not any more! Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks, I resume printing tomorrow. :)

You only need one REAR leg. The choice is up to you.

Sorry for bothering you so much, but in this case, where are the front legs??? :D I mean all the legs are named with REAR... Again, sorry and thanks so much for the help!

Hi Zolti,

No bother. In fact, you made me realize that the front legs weren't there! They are there now.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for adding the front legs, but they are in the air, with no possibility to arrange them from the slicers. I imported into Meshmixer and laid them down, but I thought you may want to know =))

Quick question related to the V4: do I print 3 legs of Leg_REAR_V4 or do I need to print Leg_REAR_test and/or Leg_REAR_v2 also? Thanks

It is a choice of whether you want the “test leg” to use the USB connector (and to take up less table space), or whether you want the more “accurate” rear leg, v2 or v4(which is just a slightly stretched to help with connectors at the back)
I prefer the test leg and keep them on mine.

So, the combination would be 1 rear leg and two tests, or 2 rears and one test for the cable? I am printing as we speak and I noticed that the leg plate doesn't have room for the two rear legs that are supposed to be next to each other, unless it supposed to overhang from it.

Hello, I noticed that the body is 17cm high, and in your instructions is around 9cm. If I resize the body, I must resize the rest of the components with the same ratio, right? What would be the optimal size you recommend? Thanks

Hi Zolti22,
Good timing. I was holding the body in my hand when your message came in!
The body is around 17.5 cm. No resizing. It’s already scaled to size.

So everything should be printed as is. If I rescale it, the electrical components won't fit anymore, right?


If you rescale it, the electrical and all other mechanical bits won't work anymore.

Well, I already ordered all the electrical parts, so I better start printing =)) Thanks for the replies

Awesome, Very nice work :-)
Will you make any further improvements to the design in near future?
i can see from your photos, that there is a line on the outside of the main housing exactly where the printer has to close the gap, with a long overhang above the squared holes on the sides. and im experience the same issue when printing the file.
is it possible that you will upload the fusion360 files?

Yes, the sharp transition at that point will pull the front face back as the bridge cools, ending up with the step you see. I will try to get back to my machine today and make some changes to the design to minimize that effect, as I think I know what I need to do and where I can make changes without negatively affecting the design. It bothers me too!
Here’s a link to the file. You can review all details, make comments and more. I’d like share the file this way. https://a360.co/2SiUWKm

Hi again, is it possible that you can re slice the body parts again, correcting the very thin surfacea areas and failures.
i want to re print the body parts again with a better result as the first time.
Thanks in advance

I put up an updated version of the parts that address some of the issues, like the large bridge which shows a bump on the front face for some (and my first ones! - see Blue...). Printing with a 2mm brim and "good" settings on your printer will make a big difference. I've seen differences with filament; good quality filament makes a difference in a quality part, but I'm still figuring that out too.
I usually use Slic3r Prusa edition, with PLA and 0.2mm layer thickness. I have printed out a bunch of parts now with no problems, even with some pretty thin sections. Even my thinnest sections are 2 layers thick. Not sure which slicer you are using, but trying different ones, with different settings should make a difference. I've sliced it in Cura too and it looks the same. Installing the infill strips at the end is pretty easy now and doesn't require any scraping anymore.

Hi Novachris
thank you for your reply, I will try to follow your advice
im also using Slic3r Prusa edition and have a Prusa mk3
i will post some pictures when I have printed your design successfully

Have a nice weekend
Best regards MIJAW

Thank you for your reply, and great work :-)
maybe your modifications also will correct the other small errors in the body surface where the layers where very thin?
im looking forward to print and assemble your design.

Brilliant! Very nice work!