by Wired1 Nov 7, 2012
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Do you have the source of X carriage and extruder please?

is it this one ? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30535


Simon's unbreakable* 5-piece X-carriage
by Wired1

for the 608 bearing for the build plate tension how did you hold that in

What length of aluminum profiles for Z unto X?

is there any way you could modify a couple of parts for me please :) is there any way you could make it so that you could use the 12mm rods on the Z line instead of 10mm, please, i would love that, if that is possible im going to have two of these live by the weekend.
please help me out here.

Hi Wired, its a nice printer, Im looking to build it but here in Mexico we dont have opeanbeam aluminum, how can I ask for these, I mean the with of the aluminum...

There is an importer I use in New Zealand so you should search for one in your country. Or try Terence Tam here: http://www.thingiverse.com/OpenBeamUSA/overviewhttp://www.thingiverse.com/Ope... - he is the guy who developed the aluminium extrusion.

Thanks, I found it but its 20x20mm the smallest, why do you use 15x15mm?, this would not work if I use 20x20mm?

Openbeam is 15x15mm and what my printers are designed around. The 20x20 is Misumi or similar profile and what they use on the Prism and Mendel Max printers.

Hello to WIRED1. It's me again -- from Youtube. Are the above drawings of OB14 parts? Still trying to find a kit of parts for an OB14 printer.

Hi, yes soory about youtube, they won;t let you list a url for some bizarre reason. This is the link you need: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:41967http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

OB1.4 open beam 3D printer
by Wired1

Added a roller guide for the y-axis idler/tensioner. It is a press fit over the 608 bearing and works with the existing tensioner parts. Use an 8mm flat washer on the open side of the roller guide.

Added the y-idler roller guide to help keep the y-axis belt centred on the idler/tensioner. It is a press fit over the 608 bearing and works with the existing tensioner. Use a standard 8mm flat washer on the open side of the roller guide for a snug fit.

I haven't managed to print the T2.5 pulley yet so don;t get your hopes up. The GT2-3 one works perfectly but the smallest T2.5 pitch seems to be outside the capabilities of the Prusa I am using. I will probably have to buy a 25 tooth T2.5 pulley.

Added T2.5 pulleys and clamps today as I am building a second printer with T2.5 belt which is easier to source. I have also simplified the extrusion cutting by altering the lower corners to take straight cut extrusions all the same length (read the instructions above for more info).

Added the printable GT2-3 pulleys today. They currently need to be 23 teeth to clear the width of the Open Beam extrusion so if you use a different belt you will need to make the overall diameter exceed the 15mm wide extrusion.

Added limit switch holders plus the Azteeg X3 holder today, still wiring this up but hope to have it running this week.

There is a slicing problem with the Ymotor.stl file. I will update it when it is resolved.

Ok thanks to Oatridge it is now fixed and the old file has been deleted to avoid confusion.