VMT - Village: Temple

by MatttKing Feb 3, 2019
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Any suggestion for printing the roof quickly? I've tried to print it inverted (with supports) and right side up in vase vase mode as well as printing only the surface layer and every attempt has left the shingles as just hollowed outlines. Regardless, I really like the columns and they'll be put to good use even if I never get the roof figured out, so thanks.

That's odd. I printed the roof right side up with large nozzle in vase mode. No supports. If you are seeing holes in the shingles you might want to try printing at a smaller layer height or with a larger extrusion width. Could you post a photo? I might be able to better diagnose the problem if I were to see it.

Thanks for the input, the smaller layer height did the trick. I found one of the aborted attempts in my scrap bucket and the hollow shingles did have a couple of lines running through them - I guess I just didn't notice that they weren't filled out when I looked at layer view before I tried to print.