Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CeraMix - Clay Screw Extruder

by RotaryDesign Jan 31, 2019
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What you use to send clay to screw?
there is any updates about some video?

There wasnt too much progress with this project recently, I'm planning to revive it after new year but can't promise anything.

Would this work with a 4 flute end mill? it should, but I assume you would have to recalibrate the extruder.

Hi, how do your prevent the clay to goes in the up direction. Thanks.

Tight fit between bearing and drill bit stops clay from travelling upwards. Clay need fairly big gaps to leak through.

very nice, it would be interesting to see some videos

Don't worry, after ram extruder is completed I will mount everything on the printer and post some videos.

Nice! I'm collecting parts for making a filament extruder. A wood auger have a slimmer "stem". But maybe you need the continuous cutting action from the mill bit?

In general wood auger bits are low quality and with bad tolerances, also they make them from cheap iron that rust (clay contain water).
I used professional milling bit that will last very long time and is capable of pushing clay.

Maybe in general. The one I got is not, and it turns inside a high precision stainless steel pipe. Everything is straight and tight.
But I get the rust part, with water not being a problem for my application. So, yours is tungsten (carbide/wolfram)?

The biggest problem are tolerances, they make auger significantly smaller than stated on packaging. Apparently its industry standard and they make all auger bits smaller to compensate for wood screws. For example my 8mm auger bit is 7.4mm in reality, good luck finding bearing in that size.
My aim is to make assembly as easy as possible without need for machining parts.

lovely design, but why would you need this and a ram extruder?

I want to extrude thick modeling clay with 0.4 -1mm nozzles in high detail. Ram extruder will only deliver clay to printhead.