simple 18650 solderless battery housing

by RealOne777 Feb 1, 2019
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Hi bro super design.
You deserve more like.
Would it be possible to have a version with 6 and 7 cells in parallel and more (I have a large printer ^ ^)?

And what are the dimensions of the nickel strip that you used and the maximum usable?

Finally getting smart enough to look and see if somebody else has done this and sure enough. Nice design. It appears to me that the 18650 battery does not lend to having a mechanical method of prevent inserting the battery backwards. Is that also your observation.

Thanks. That's the reason for the slotted and phillips caps

Love the design!
I have a few questions:
Have you done any testing to look into how much current the contacts can tolerate before getting too hot?
Can the design be patterned to more than single or 5p?
Am I right in thinking the hexagon caps would fit an 18mm socket?

Thanks dude

Hi! Unfortunately I have not done any testing, but as long as the contacts are tight, I imagine it could tolerate a bit of amps.
The design can absolutely be patterned to 3p 8p or whatever configuration you choose. The main problem is that a long configuration may not fit on a 3d printer so you have to split them up.
The hex caps were designed to be twisted by hand, because applying too much torque breaks the plastic. A Phillips and slotted screwdriver also fits to unscrew the positive or negative caps.