Spacegoblin (Starfinder)

by Dragonfirefly Feb 1, 2019
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Hi. I have had a go at trying to print this (I have just started a Starfinder campaign and my character is a space goblin!) However, I'm having problems with the slicing. (See attached images.) I've been using the alpha-corrected version, which looks like the most recent. The legs just don't want to seem to co-operate. I have tried Netfabb, saving it into and out of .stp in Rhino, running it through Blender (attempting "recalculate normals outside") and pretty much every other mesh-fixing thing I can think of, but Simplify just won't appear to recognise the legs as solids. If I use single extrusion walls (image 3) it at least seems to think they are there, but as you can see from that image, even that doesn't get all of it (and at that thickness, it's unprintable). I would hazard that the shell on the legs has somehow become an infinitely thin shell instead of a solid?

(I use TurboCAD for my onw work and entirely from 3D developed shapes, the level of artistry to do figures is beyond my abilities!)

Clearly, it has worked for (I presume) you, since there are a couple of makes posted - but maybe something went amiss when you corrected it (I assume to put in the suggestions IvoMG mentioned)? (Inexplicable mesh errors being one of those hazards of the job!)

Why thank you ^^ i hope to make some assets in the future with more poses. Hobgoblins will be there soon too.

Thanks for the feedback! I actually followed the design in the Alien Archive. I'll look into the head shape later on!
I'll adapt the gun and sword asap.

Awesome model!
I just think that the Head is kind of strange maybe if it were a little bit more round/less flatten.
Maybe the gun should be a little bit larger for FDM printing as a 28/32mm miniature.
Dogslicer could be a little more curved to the back.