The Best Flowrate Calibration Method!

by petrzmax Feb 21, 2019
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Any chance of a 0.25mm nozzle cube?

I have uploaded version for Your nozzle.

Thank you for this easy and comprehensibly explanation! It's the first time I think my printer is well calibrated.

I'm glad that it helped You ;)

My flow rate has to be set to 0.88 to be accurate. uhm... is this normal? I did calibrate my E-STEPS but i doubt it was to 0.05mm accuracy because it's almostimpossible to be that accurate. should I just leave it there?

If you are printing PLA, yes. You can start at 90 % instead of 100 % to save some filament on this test.

I mean if i want it to be accurate i have to set it to 0.88% which leads to under extrusion.

Strange as it seems, it's not under-extrusion. At least with my current extruder gear and calibrated steps, it's tight.
Also not 0.88 %, 88 % or 0.88, both being the same. 0.88 % would be 0.0088.

(My original gear slipped over the filament)

oh. so what should I do? my print looks awful but accurate with 0.88 also yeah that was a mistake I am aware. 0.88 is a multiplier while 88% is a percentage.

maybe I'd increase my temp to increase flow but then i'd get stringing and other issues :c

I'd increase the flow to make it look as good as I need it to look as long as I would not need accuracy. Or maybe I'd use XY compensation - one should not need it, but I value reality above "should".

Same https://youtu.be/3yIebnVjADM

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