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Desktop Dual Laser CNC

by brakthehun Feb 2, 2019
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pretty cool have the 2 lasers already from running them on my dinky 2418 cnc. Curious what programs you are using to engrave. I've been playing with lasergrbl but can't seem to get my power settings right for my 15w. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

The 15 watt doesn't engrave well. It starts obliterating the material. The 1/2watt UV I have as the second head leaves the material very darkened making great BW contrast.

Very cool. How precise is this CNC? Are you able to show what you made with it? How thick plywood is it able to cut?


There you go.

It's crazy precise. Has a resolution of 12.5 microns. You can upgrade the microstepper drivers and get a resolution of 6.25 microns.
I have a link to most of the parts on the page. We cut 1/8" plywood all day with it. I haven't tried thicker woods. I will post a video of the items soon.

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Do you have links to the actual lasers you used?


No,, The seller no longer carries the lasers. What you can do is go to eBay and search for:
15w ttl 450nm
500mw ttl 405nm
This is what I do. look for a .5watt uv with the driver mounted to the back of the laser
look for a 15 watt with a driver that has a black aluminum heatsink block.