by Lindh3D Feb 3, 2019
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Just printed your Project and now I'm assembling things. THANKS, WORKS GREAT!
But now I would like some help. How do you take the switch cap off to fit the LCD into the case? I tried to pull but its stuck there, im afraid of breaking it.

Glad to hear you are happy with the case!

You are just supposed to pull the cap off :)
If that doesn't work try putt a flat head screwdriver between the cap and the metal and try to rotate and bend abit with the screwdriver. That may force it off easier for you.

does this work for the mini rambo?

Not at the moment. Can you give me a drawing of a Rambo mini card so I can adjust the box for it?

did not draw this myself, but located it on grab cad, thanks to Laurent Muchacho. Could this also be modified to fit an 80mm fan?

If you have time i would like to see a Rambo 1.3 full size board version. i did see a 3d model of the board here on thingverse.

Thank you. I just don't want to print and find out the mini rambo will not fit. Again, thank you.

Its not for mini rambo . Only full size atm.

I have just checked my model and it will fit a RAMBo 1.3 perfect as it is now.

Where did you wire the fan to? Also, how does it print the grill and circles without support?

I haven't connected the fan yet. But there most be a pin out on the board we can use an control with gcode och just have it on all the time.
The base (black part) is printed just fine as is in the stl file.
The top (red part) you need to rotate and have the fan outlet flat facing the bed.
It all depends on what printer you have and settings you use.

This looks great. Is there a way to add 3 cat5 slots to one of the sidewalls like this box (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1716182)?

MPCNC control box with keystone ethernet connections
by B-Cup

Yes it is. I will add this in the future for you.

You will be able to mount 3 of them on both sides in the lid,
It might work in the bottom frame, from the back but that will be tight!
Let me know if you want me to model them in and how many connectors and exactly hole size and clearance you need.

Would it be possible to get a version for the MKS Gen L board?


New upload today with a Box for MKS Gen L

Absolutely. Do you have some good drawings on the board or even better a 3D model?
Still the same LCD?

What size hardware do you use to mount the board to the case?

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I'm not really sure what you mean. I used M3 screws to mount the bord to the case if that's what you asking

What length of 3M screw?

I printed this and it works beautifully. I only have one more question for you. What size fan is this designed for?

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It's designed for a 40x40 mm fan :)
Love to see some make pictures if possible. Would appreciate it.

That's exactly what I was after. Thank you.

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