Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Creality CR-10s Pro Enclosure

by Kiayoto Feb 5, 2019
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Short Question. Do you use any kind of glue or connecting material to fasten the Connections between the Aluminium tubes and the printed parts? I am currently printing the parts and already have the tubes Ready but if I plug them together, they are some kind of unstable/loose.
Thanks for your support.
I´ll definitively post my enclosure as soon as it is completed. Regards, Pascal

Will you be designing one for the Creailty CR-X in the near future?

How does everyone think this enclosure would work for ABS printing? We want to keep the computer bits inside the base cool but the air inside the rest of the enclosure hot. I'd think that since the cold air intake for the base is intrinsically linked to also being the intake for the rest of the case, this would cause some conflicts: by cooling the base more we inadvertently cool the air inside the enclosure more.

Guessing you didn't export the CAD files and just copied them. They all have references to your computer and can't be imported properly..

Hello everyone. i am working with a brand new CR10S-Pro and I want to know if someone has already made this enclosure? Thanks

What thickness 1" square tube aluminum did you use 1/20th? 1/16?

Interested in this project, have you actually made it yet?

Wondering if it might introduce issues with the printer being raised on that platform, vibrations being amplified if the structure isn't rigid enough.

Do you have pics of how the Cold Air Intake and Exhaust fan are placed?

hello, do you have an stl for the printer itself (the black base)?

I can make it one I drew it in solid works

I would love a copy as well. I have solidworks and I re linked the files but there are many files missing. Could you share all the files with me somehow?

Please do!! Thank you.

What is the thickness of the acrylic sides. I see full dimensions, but no thickness.

It would be very cool to have 1 or 2 trays (even make them optional) under the printer where you could store your tools.

I will need to build this and then figure out where to put my octoprint box, not using octopi yet, I have another small hardened compute with a bit more horsepower.

that would be very cool I'm gonna look into that! thanks

hey there . im printing the parts for this enclosure . i like your project . well done only i found some strange measurements . on the first page the sides are all diffrent if i see and compare the top vieuw and sidevieuws. for example 30.250 and 30.340 for the same side . also the height is 53.005 and 53.105 the backside 26.335 and 26.275 . its not a big problem can you check this out please ? i need to convert it to cm and when im done with the build i will give you all measurements in cm so you can add them to your downloadfile ( also the magnets 6x6x6 are very hard to find. 3x3x3 or 5x5x5 are more available )

those dimensions are just the size of the outside of the printer so you know how big it overall the important dimension are the length of the aluminum and the size of the acrylic. I made a PDF with everything in mm you can round to the nearest mm here are a link to the magnets if you still want I changed I can do that
Good Luck I can't wait to see your progress on the project

I posted the cad with the rest of the files

Ok thx . You can follow the build in my makes

Nice looking enclosure! Any recommendations on where to buy the acrylic panels?

i Got mine at lowes

Awesome, thanks!

Any chance of one for a jgaurora a5?

I would need to know much room around the printer you would like to have and the minimum size required for it to operate

Any chance of one for an s5?

I'm planning on it I just need the dimensions on one


Length would refer to the full range of bed movement, then whatever space you leave around the machine itself but there ya go

ill get that up this weekend

Did you end up doing one for the S5? Your design is outstanding.

Wow, this is so cool! I've been looking for a way to make an enclosure for mine. What are the things I'll need for connecting the brackets together?

They are a tight fit to the aluminum but i used a heat gun to shape it tighter but if you want you can use some kind of glue or screws

Great, thank you! What size of aluminum poles will I need?

1inch square tube look in the pdf for more details