CoreXY Linear Rail system

by Connolly Feb 5, 2019
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Hi Anyone know how i can fix the stl files? fixed the motor holders with 3d builder, the pulley holders wont fix with it.
all 4 files for motor and pulley have this issue, added pic of issue.
tried with slic3r, s3d, cura and mosaic all have the same issue

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Ok kool. thank you so much

Any plans for a BLT Mount ???

No, not really, I am one them crazy people that lvl my hand on the fly. But i did include a blank plate, so any hot end mount with one would work =)

Think you could upload some photo's or link a video of it in action?

Yup, that's in the plans. I uploaded them faster then i was ready as a few REeeeally wanted the STL's LOL . I am printing a nice large mask, gona film and post it to show results =)

I have many on the pieces now printed im actually sanding them and doing some polishing. gonna try to give em a finished look. both corners, motor mounts, extruder gantry... you think i can keep the same extruder setup? i want to use a bltouch and i see you have mentioned you dont intend to make a mount for one.

Looks really wonderful, Question? What are you using for bearings on the corner pulley belt brackets? What is the bearing bore I.D. ?

I am using bearings that came with the X5S printer, there the same that are in the wheels. I think they are "626" or 625". I gave them a touch of oil and keep them louse enough so the washers can turn with it =)

Hi, very nice design, that is what i was looking for for long time:) Thank you very much!
only thing is how to secure e3d cooler ? it mount to one side, but there is nothing to secure it in place?

You will find that part here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2772189 , the blower fan from there will fit if you are not using the direct drive =)

Also, thank you,took me some time to work it out, the results are great =)

Stupid Tall and Strong Fang for CR10 with 5015 and 40mm fan