by Moceri Nov 8, 2012
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omg this is soooooooo swaggy

Nice. Are you working on any other batman characters?

I think you should be honest and say where the mesh came from. This is a direct rip from the Batman Game, Arkham. 3200 downloads and not one person even questioned it, which is worrying. http://imgur.com/2gd42uthttp://imgur.com/2gd42ut

Yup! It is from the game, did't mean to make it as if I designed it from scratch! What I did for the model was remove all the other internal geometry and re-mesh to make it FDM 3D printable. Having all the intersecting shells would be a nightmare for slicing/printing. This was an experiment for me to see if I could export in game models to a printable format. Hope that clarifies, cheers!

Hi, i made one. See photo. But as you can see someting went wrong. Do you know what caused this stange BATman? Same problem as Tangerine.

How much does this batman bust weight?

Print(s) looks really good.
not sure it really needs higher poly count

What a nice model. Thanks for uploading!

I call my garage "batcave". Now it is a true batcave :)

nice work mate we need more batman and ironman on here

All of that wonderful work and it is faceted out the wazoo. :(

Great work.

No worries, I'll fix it!

Cool Beans.  I have that issue on my models and it is because the STL format sucks.  I really hate the format but that is all we have and the thing is if you make a hi-resolution model with, lets say, 1million polys, the STL format gets holes and other anomalies in it when you convert from a nurb to the triangles.  Going from a poly to a poly (like Cinema4D or Maya, etc...) and the original is water tight I suspect it would be fine but I use Solidworks which uses NURBS so I am limited in the conversion process.