Bike Chain Guide / Tensioner

by RossHaddow May 23, 2014
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Gutes Design, Leicht zu Montieren passt super und Funktioniert perfekt.
Macht etwas Geräusche aber akzeptabel,
Druckzeit ca. 40 Minuten.

Worked great. A little noisy but nothing a small amount of rubber strip can’t fix

I don't understand this? Did you convert to a 1x9 and now the chain is jumping off? You could/should remove a few chain links to account for the removal of the large/small chainrings in the front. A N/W chainring will also help a lot. Finally, a non interference design like this attached photo may be a better approach, and shouldn't break/fail as easily.

Could you maby upload the cad files?

... I will say it, i just need your confirmation about this affirmation...
Lots of them break isn't ? and lot still breaking

Haven't done it yet, does it make any noise while pedaling?

It's not silent but the noise created is pretty smooth sounding and I haven't found it too distracting provided you line it up correctly with the chain.

I'm printing a few of these for myself and some friends. Any word on how long they're lasting?

Nice design!


I will admit to a breaking a few of these and I know other who have made it have also had it fail on them. For me they lasted several rides. I found that the main problem was that the cable ties used to attach it to the frame seem too stretch/loose over time. In my experience this caused the hanger to move and either clash with the rotating crank arms or would loose alignment with the chain and wear more quickly. As long as it is well secured and nothing hits it it should last a decent amount of time. I found the cable ties were more secure when I used a bit of inner tube between the frame and the cable tie. Good luck!

Maybe you could secure it with a hose clamp to eliminate the sagging.

Thanks for the quick reply. I've had a similar problem with cadence/speed sensors (on road bike), so the inner tube solution is pretty easy -not to mention, they are small/light enough to through an extra in the pack.


brilliant! simple and elegant, good work