Borderlands Helmets (Zero)

by Jace1969 Feb 6, 2019
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what size of the head is this helmet?

Sorry, as these have been pulled directly from the game and sized purely as a guestimate. Any attempt to print these will require you to size them to suit your own needs. Cheers Jace

Hi! What is the original head diameter for these models? For sizing reasons.

It was all just a guesstimation. I would open in Wondows 3D builder and use the measure function to confirm your happy with sizing, cheers Jace

are these for life size? also is the Portal2 turret skin head there too?

Ideally they are but do check ther sizing suites your needs. Not granular with ther Portal 2 skin sorry. Do tui have a link.

Can you please add the Gh0st Helmet, I can't find a 3d file for it anywhere

I'll have a look and see what I can do, Cheers Jace

Legend definitely gonna try to get a cosplay for supanova, I am hyped for borderlands 3

Sweet I look forward to your progress ; ) Cheers Jace

Hey Jace
OMG thanks for sharing this ! I'm a mad Borderlands fan thanks heaps WOW.


Awesome, good luck with your build, cheers Jace

Please tell me you're going to add a ton of Borderlands stuff?

I have a list of model files as long as a toilet roll to up load spanning across 1000's of games and movies.
If you have a model from Borderlands in particulay, let me know and I'll and bring it up the list ; )

Cheers Jace

No priority change necessary, only looking forward to seeing more!

This is awesome. Thank you so, so much. Halloween 2019 is going to be great...

Cool, glad to see you like it ; )

I'm printing his default helmet and love it so far, the only suggestion I have is that there is supposed to be an additional piece below the air vent things on the sides, this image might help. Do you think you can add that piece? It'll probably help the whole thing stay on my head better

Added now ; ) Do check the sizing and adjust if necessary. I would suggest setting up some form of magnets to lock the bottom piece in ; )

Thank you! Is it at the same scale as the original file? The original file fits me perfectly when printed

I did, but I'd check it against the model you cut just to be sure

Hey Kry, Yes I'd left that out thinking it would impose on fitting the helmet. I will see what I can do about adding it in. Cheers Jace