Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Anycubic I3 Mega / Mega S Upgrade Guide / Basics / Cura Settings

by kuehmayer Feb 7, 2019
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Thanks for the great guide, I am working slowly through it.The 2 pin side of the 3to2 pin adapters (AmazonDE) do not fit into the plugs in the hotend, however.

Yeah i know.., you have to cut off the little nose on it. But they are the cheapest. You could also just go for soldering.

Soldering is definitely the better option. The plug doesn't even fit without the nose since it is too big and when cutting the plug into shape I revealed the inner metal parts. Also with the long wire of the noctua fan itself and the wire of the connector there is so much wire, it wont fit into the extruder case without touching the hotend or hang out below. So I got myself a soldering iron and teached myself to solder a bit. You never stop learning ;)

Hi, I bought the bed isolation from the Amazon link you linked. Could you explain how to install it ? It would be great :) Thanks !

Please add this info: Connection with MacPronterface Printrun software on Mac is via /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART and is 250000 baud. I purchased Simplify3D thinking it didn't work. Good purchase though, in the end.

Thanks for your great guide. But what I don't understand "The left turbo fan is quite good, and I would keep it. It cools the part enough." After changing all 3 other fans with Noctua the left one is right now pretty loud and as such would be great to give some advice how to improve that as well. Thanks!

When you also change the left fan, you won't be any longer able to print overhangs. The fan is that loud, because it cools the parts very good.
But you could try 2 x 40mm noctua fans. There are several cover for that.

However, when I don't print overhangs, I set the speed of the fan down to 50%. Otherwise I have it set at 95%.

Hey, thanks for this guide. I just want to confirm that printing is a bit slower with your Cura profile yes? For something big my time went from 2h30 to 5h. Just confirming, and thanks for this.

I wanted the best trade off between print quality and print time.

For sure, you can increase the layer height or the speed for outer wall. Then, it will be faster but it also won't be as pretty.

Okay thanks. I more question, is the z-hop value very minimal? Because when I click on enable z-hop, I don't notice it while watching it. Also, this is what happens when I paste your start g-code: http://imgur.com/a/LQxxsPm. So I removed the wipe and just did extrude 25mm on the spot.

Yes you can't really see the z-hop. But it works fine. With the wipe it should make a line on the base, every beginning for me is perrfect with this wipe.

Hey thanks so much for this. I love how you documented your guides and you did a bang up job on the whole "thing" documentation too.
You Rock!


Hey thanks!

Should I make a little website for this "thing"? So i can even better show this all to everyone? Also i could easily provide other languages.


I just want to post a thank you. I've been struggling for 2-3 weeks to get the right cura settings, I had so much oozing it just screwed the first layer for many prints. Your profile is a game changer. Thanks a lot, great guide, a lot of content!

Keep it up,

Thank you! Yeah, also had a lot of problems with the first layer. Especially with big parts.
Because I finally managed it, i provided my settings. Glad it also works for you!

straight forward guide and great suggestions! I installed firmware via octopi w/ the "Firmware Updater" extension.

mesh leveling was a breeze - waiting on Noctua fans to arrive to install the PSU and motor fan + printed shrouds.

Noticeable print difference vs stock i3 Mega FW. As you mentioned, slicer settings play a large part. running Cura 3.6

Only addition I made was to the start gCode - I have it purge a few mm of material before starting brim/skirt.

Thank you so much for your work. First I installed the firmware version 1.1.5. and now I also use Cura 4.0 Beta. I particularly like the new start code, which improves the start of printing significantly.

Yeah, I had some problem with oozing filament at the beginning. So i decided to use this short line with a quick wipe. Works perfectly every time!
Glad i can help.

Awesome guide, thank you! Would be nice if you could go a bit into detail with regards to the speed & retraction settings you regularly use in Cura.

Thx! And yes I can do it.

I simply put pot sponges under the feet to reduce noise and vibrations.

Sure, some sponge or foam will do it. I also have it under my printer. But over time it will be totally squeezed. I think I will order those squash balls next week.

1st big up for this amazing summary, you helped me kill my frustration :)
2nd I just saw that the squash balls can be ordered via Prime without shipping cost to Austria, same link that you provided...