NASA Space Shuttle

by atm2770 May 23, 2014
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i fixed all the holes and intersections here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1849904

space shuttle (fixed)

Extremely nice model with all of the bells and whistles, as far as detail goes! Did you scan this or design with C.A.D.? If you designed it yourself, what C.A.D. software would you recommend putting all of my time and effort in as far as learning for the long haul? I've been messing around with several and found that zw3d is my favorite so far, but from a designers point of view, your input would be greatly appreciated! I want to take a C.A.D. course, but work won't allow my complete dedication due to being out of town half of the year in weekly spurts here and there. That being said I am going to learn one of these software packages on my own, so I want to learn the one that is most versatile and is geared most towards design specifically for 3d printing as I have seen many that accommodate so many other aspects of design such as mold making, machining plans, ect. . Once again, very nice job on our lost but not forgotten space shuttles. I am hoping Space X takes the reins from here on out for a majority of our orbital and beyond space missions....I really like the idea of being able to land a rocket and not need a 5 mile landing strip. It really does do away with many big, heavy, mechanical assemblies and electronic sub-systems, in turn saving on weight and actual space that can be used for payload instead. That Elon is one smart fella and his designs are cutting edge requiring the best from us Americans to finally get away from those dreaded antique Russian rocket engines America has relied on for so long. I also hope Virgin can get their act together soon with a reliable sub-orbital spacecraft, how cool would that be?

This model was taken from here: https://grabcad.com/library/space-shuttle--1
It would've been great if atm2770 would've included this source link and given credit to the author.

Anyway, this space shuttle was modeled and rendered in CATIA V5 using a 3-view drawing and several reference pictures. CATIA is geared more towards engineering than hobby use, so it is overkill just to make 3D printable parts. However, knowing CATIA does make you very employable.


this is an awesome model, but i get a lot of errors when i try to verify the stl, or export the sldprt file as an stl or vrml 97/1.0. The color data isnt maintained due to interferences and there are lots of gaps that appear (204/331 shells with errors).

can you upload the spase shuttle and the fulle tank separately ?