openPrimerFiller - DIY primer filler

by AmmoMike83 Feb 8, 2019
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I'm getting pretty good results if I squeeze the top and bottom together, one hand on each side,then gently shake it front to back, they go right down the primer tube, much faster than using a pickup tube.

The v4 of the flip tray works well, getting the large primers to go down the tube with the vibration motor, they keep getting stuck at the top. I'll spend some time adjusting the hole size with a file, motor speed didn't make a big difference with that issue.

Everything has be to very smooth. Use some 600 grid sandpaper.

How are you mounting the motor to the base? Hot glue?

Yes, or you can use a good double sided tape from 3M.

Great idea, I'm definitely jumping in on trying and testing this one. My $$ Dillon RF 100 is horrible with Large primers, it would be great to have alternative.

Im having a hard time finding the motor. Would a cell phone vibrating motor work? There is a abundance of those on ebay. Is there a certain spec the weight needs to be to vibrate the primers? thanks

You can use every standard 12v motor with a maximum diameter of 25mm. Print the unbalanced weight, glue it on to the motor and you are good to go. I don't know if the cell phone motor will work.

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V slot fits great for me, but I can't seem to get the ridges on the flip tray to print very defined. I printed at .08 layer height, and they're clean and there, but aren't high enough to reliably catch the primer edges like a normal flip tray.

What brand filament, it is very close to Dillon blue.

What filament are you using?

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can't say that. maybe it's your ugly print?

Probably. I may try a .2 nozzle to try for a little sharper edges.

I added a new file "primer_filler_v2_base_upper_v4.stl" with higher groove rings. The other issue might be a incompatible primer brand. there are brands that are working better, and some are not. I used CCI.

Printed mine with a .4 nozzle. don't think that's the problem here.... :/

I printed mine with .4mm nozzle as well. The first print worked ok to flip primers but took maybe 45 seconds to do so. The second print was much better as in cura I defined a .35mm print width. The grooves are much cleaner and well defined now. I know it sounds counterintuitive but a .4mm nozzle can print slightly finer than its diameter.

OMG! I am printing this right now! One more filling tube and i would done this too :D

Printed off parts except for cover. Base came out wonderful as did the adapters. However the top section did not. The main part is fine but the v slots where the adapters slide did not. Even after trying to use needle files I could not get them to fit. There was no way to get a small wood chisel in there either to clean it up due to the geometry. I think a square slot on the base and a corresponding tab on the adapters would perform better. I would also add a rib to the sides of the upper base (aka millennium falcon from above) to reinforce the walls.

Another consideration. Instead of round grooves/ridges to flip the primers how about pin points? My lee safety prime flippers work much better than all the grove/ridge flipper trays. I would also enlarger/make thicker the side walls where the adapter slides in as they are thin where the v slot .

Would you have a cad file as the STL is to unmanageable to modify? Thankyou for your work on this design as it finally makes one affordable to me

I have a motor and speed control on order

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Done. Have fun.

Thank you very much. Printed new files and while still tight and needing to file the adapters to fit correctly(which is a good thing for that perfect fit) its much easier to do now. Also the little bit extra material strengthened the sides up significantly

Just waiting on amazon for a motor now