by Roboticide Feb 8, 2019
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Thank you so much for sharing this creation, absolutely hilarious! I’m new to 3D printing, so I might be missing something obvious... but I just have a question regarding the supports.

The description says that supports are included, but I'm not seeing an STL file with supports. With other prints in the past, I would just drag and drop the STL file (that has the supports included) into Cura, and print away. And after reading the comments below, it sounds like that at one point there was a file with supports. However, when I download this, I only have one STL file, so...

Maybe I'm missing the STL file that has the supports included in it, or is there something I need to do in Cura, in order to get it to print with the supports?

Hopefully someone can help, as I would like to print more of these, without having to intervene when it starts printing in air.

Thank you!

Most of the time, there is no STL file with supports. You have just gotten lucky and only ever downloaded ones with support. In Cura, there is an option to generate supports. On some prints, that should be enabled, and on others, it shouldn't. If you want to get into advanced stuff, you can enable tree supports and mess with support density and pattern. One thing I would recommend doing is looking through and enabling bridge settings to help with some of the problems you are having. Even so, from what I can see in the photo everything looks pretty good and the area that is circled looks minimal, and can probably be fixed afterwards pretty easily.

Do you know what font this is? I've made a few of these but they always come out too skinny and frail to remove the supports without breaking.

try using thick walls or 100% infill

The supports in my print are reeeally hard to remove , almost impossible without breaking the print. How can i fix it?
Printing on a anycubic i3 mega. 25 infil and about 10% support infill

Try to enable brims and interfaces

Hey i tried to print this thing but after a while it startet to print in the air! (see picture) Is there a way to fix it? and could you make the bottom thinner?

Looks like you didn't have any supports in place so it just printed in mid air. Make sure you check if the STL you are printing needs support structures

Would it be possible for you to make one saying "I like you"? This would be a great option :P

Very clever curved design!

has anyone printed it downsized? my print bed is 120 140 130mm, so not sure how this would look that small

Simplify 3D doesn't like this file or the make printable variant.

I printed one! see the collections page! worked great!

I ran the STL through MakePrintable. It fixed a couple issues - made it one shell instead of 23, and fixed some non-manifold edges. Not super critical, but this might be a little better to slice.

Printed this last night. It printed okay, but you need to look at removing or changing the text on the bottom. While I understand wanting to credit yourself and the original it makes the print extremely difficult to get started for all of the small movements necessary. I ended up having to slow my Ender 3 down to 5 mm/s to get it to actually survive the first layer. Once I got past that it printed really well. One other note is the last S/Heart needs some tweaking. I was terrified that it was going to snap off while trying to get the supports out of it. May need to look at thickening the bottom of the hear so that it doesn't come to quite a point.

I dont know if the bottom lettering is different than the original one, but if you had troubles you may need to dial your machine in a little better. I printed the original with ease @ 60mm/s, with first layer @ 40mm/s on a Anet AM8. for supports try adding Support Z Distance of 0.2mm (Cura) for s3d use Extra Inflation Distance, also .2mm

Fixing to load this up and give it a go, Thanks OP!

Looking at the bottom of your's it is very different lettering. The original had a lot more words, and they were recessed several millimeters. With what is there now I could see that being easily printable at normal speed.

I can see what that would be a problem, some modelers try to cram in way too much in such small spaces.

This is what the original had. I don't know that there was to much. it was mainly just the small dots that create the wholes on letters like P, R, and O. The dots popped of the first time as the head traveled past them, and caused a jam. Once I slowed way down it worked well. The new version would be significantly easier.

got ya! fairly certain my printer would've had a rough time as well at higher speeds. definitely without a metal frame it would be bad, my frame looks pretty much like the Ender 3 frame now, much better than the acrylic crap that came with the anet.

Right, so, I'm fine with removing my credit. Honestly this was just a joke, and not my best work anyway.

However, LLOYDHOPANDA's original model is licensed with Creative Commons-Attribution. My understanding is I'm required to credit him, and it's unclear to me if that means it has to be on the model, or if just mentioning him in the description is fine.

I'll upload a new one without any writing on the bottom in a few minutes, while I confirm with him if he's okay with me removing the words on the bottom.

Also I'll try to thicken the heart with the same update.

I went and checked out Creative Commons License and this is what it states

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

My understanding is that in the description of your remix you simply need to attribute to the original creator. The printed item should not need credit printed on it.

In either way it was just a suggestion to make printing easier. I was able to get it to print really well by just slowing the print way down on the first layer. When I get home I'll post a pic of it. I had it print over night and didn't have a chance to get a pick after cleaning the supports off.

Yeah, I'm not a lawyer, but that makes sense to me. Thank you for checking.

I've just uploaded a revised model with the changes you suggested to the S as well.

Hopefully this evening I'll get a chance to print it as well.

Printed pretty good. A couple of the letters are shifted a bit but the biggest issue is the Heart/S. It needs a raft or something as it's too narrow on the bottom to stay attached well.

Can someone remove the watermark on the bottom? tinkercad breaks the little hearts when I group it with an object in attempt.

See my comment here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3413943/comments/#comment-2334392

I, personally, am happy to remove it, but I'm not sure it's that simple.

As for the little hearts, these were modelled separately but all joined together as one mesh. I'm not familiar enough with TinkerCAD to know why it would have a problem with them.

EDIT: Revised the model. Should be fine now, but let me know.


This is awesome! My next print for sure!

Hi, there is a tutorial that you could share to create a custom one with another words?


I would be interested in that too. Super cool concept.

Thank you for mentioning my name! it look wonderful